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Dysphagia Therapy: A New App to Help Clinicians Navigate Swallowing Disorders

We are very excited to announce a brand new app called Dysphagia Therapy to help clinicians navigate their options for managing and rehabilitating swallowing disorders. Dysphagia Therapy, available now for iPhone and iPad, will quickly become an indispensable tool for speech-language pathologists helping adults overcome disorders of deglutition.

Communicating with Aphasia Just Got a Little Easier

Communicating after a stroke can be challenging and frustrating. See how an exciting new update to the AlphaTopics AAC app can help people with aphasia and dysarthria improve communication clarity with 3 simple but powerful tools. This affordable app provides stroke survivors with augmentative communication strategies designed for their unique needs.

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Introducing: Number Therapy – a new app for aphasia therapy

Tactus Therapy is proud to announce the release of a new app called Number Therapy. This professional speech therapy app has been designed specifically for people with aphasia to improve the essential skill of communicating numbers. See how Number Therapy can help stroke survivors regain independence and confidence.

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Scientific Evidence that iPad Apps Work for Aphasia Therapy

Did you know that using speech therapy apps on an iPad can help with recovery in aphasia? For the many people already using technology in therapy, this sounds obvious. But a new study now offers scientific evidence proving the positive results that can be achieved using apps by Tactus Therapy. Read more about these exciting new findings.

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Language Therapy 2.0 – A Multilingual App that Works

Language Therapy 4-in-1, the best-selling iOS app for aphasia therapy, is now updated to version 2.0 to include 5 languages. This major update will allow millions more stroke survivors and speech-language pathologists around the world to access unlimited therapy in their native language, with the convenience and affordability of an app. Research is also showing [...]

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Apps on Sale for Better Hearing & Speech Month

Each May we raise awareness of communication and its disorders, and celebrate the work of speech and hearing professionals for Better Hearing and Speech Month. We're offering 16 days of savings on all of our apps and bundles until May 26, 2015. You won't find better deals on our speech therapy apps, so don't delay!

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Surprising New Findings about Speech Therapy Software

A new survey of speech therapy patients shows a surprising difference between therapists and clients in the adoption of apps. Find out how clients are finding apps, how they're using them, and the progress they're seeing - with and without their therapists' support.

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Coming Soon: How to Make a Speech Therapy App in a Week

Tactus Therapy Solutions, a leader in speech therapy apps for adults, is preparing to do the impossible. 5 days, 4 people, 1 evidence-based SLP app. Start to finish, this brave team is going to create an SLP app before your eyes in just the 40 hours of an average work week in a unique type of appathon...and you're invited to watch and join in! Mark your calendar for Feb 2-6 to see a #SLPApp come to life.

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Conversation Therapy Gets People Talking

Conversation is the basis of human contact. It’s also the end goal of speech therapy. Conversation doesn’t always come easily between strangers, however—or even between people who know a great deal about each other. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Conversation Therapy helps spur discussion, memories, and debate. This versatile app is great when you’re working on any communication goal - now with 9 languages and new features to hear the questions read aloud!

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Adult Speech Therapy Apps are Great for Kids Too

Tactus Therapy apps are effective speech therapy tools for adults recovering from acquired communication disorders such as aphasia.They’re also effective tools for kids struggling to overcome language delays and articulation problems.Here’s how one school-based speech-language pathologist uses Tactus Therapy apps to help kids in kindergarten and first and second grade.

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