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Answering Therapy helps people with impaired communication skills practice responding to yes/no and Wh questions.

When speech is limited because of a stroke or another type of brain injury, one often faces an onslaught of questions as conversation control shifts. Understanding question words and knowing how to respond, however, is critical for comfort and safety.

Answering Therapy, a fully customizable professional speech therapy app, uses questions to encourage relearning personal information and common nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

  • Personalized questions for orientation
  • 400+ questions in 7 levels of Yes/No questions
  • 9 categories of Wh questions: who, what, where, when, why, how, whose, which, how many/long/much/often
  • Expressive and receptive modes with auditory or written stimuli
  • Data tracking and storage for multiple users
  • Personal survey includes enhanced data encryption for privacy and data security

Benefits for the Speech-Language Professional

  • Start with Yes/No questions
  • • Perfect for functional therapy that works up a hierarchy
    • Use with clients whose verbal response is inconsistent

  • Practice Wh-Questions
  • • Goes beyond the basics to include how, which, and whose
    • Receptive or expressive response modes

  • So many settings make this app versatile enough for any client
  • • Complete the personal survey for questions specific to the client
    • Put in your own questions for even more customization
    • Focus on auditory, reading or total comprehension

How to Use Answering Therapy for Home Practice

Language deficits can make it difficult to understand questions and answer correctly. Answering Therapy helps you practice answering all types of questions helping you grow more confident and comfortable knowing you can make an accurate response. Your speech therapist can help you figure out which settings and exercises are best for you, but if you are on your own, try this:

  • Add yourself as a user and fill out the Personal Survey.
  • Start with Yes/No Questions to see how you do.
  • If it’s too easy, try Wh Questions.
  • If it’s too hard, try only the personal questions level.
  • Change the settings to focus only on reading comprehension or just listening.
  • Switch response modes from Receptive to Expressive at the top of the screen.
  • See your progress in the User Hub, and share it with your therapist by email.

What People are Saying about Answering Therapy

This has quickly become one of my favorite apps to use with my students who are struggling with understanding and answering questions. There are so many great features built into it. This is one of the most versatile question apps I’ve used. You can even customize the questions using personal information about each user (which I have to admit is one of my MOST favorite parts). It was so funny to see my students react to the personal questions, especially when siblings’ names came up! They loved it! The ability to truly customize this app is one of its best features! Tactus Therapy Solutions really took the time putting together an app that is not only user friendly, but functional and efficient.
Mindy Stenger, M.A., CCC-SLP, The Speech Bucket
Answering questions can be a difficult task. I see so many students with question-answering goals on my caseload. Tactus Therapy Solutions saw the need and rose to the occasion by creating Answering Therapy. If you didn’t love this great developer before, you should now. I love that I can switch the presentation of the question around within a set of questions for dynamic speech therapy. You really can’t find content and adaptability like this in any other app. This is a language app that I know can stay on my iPad regardless of the speech therapy setting I will find myself working in during my career, and that is something I can justify investing in. Another great addition to a speech-language pathologist’s toolbox.
Rachel Jones, SLP, Smart Apps for Kids

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Platforms: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch

Goal Areas: Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Expression, Reasoning, Orientation

Helps: Aphasia, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Alzheimer’s and other dementia, Autism & Asperger Syndrome (ASD/PPD), Down Syndrome, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Language Disorders, Typical Learners, ESL

Contains: 440+ questions in Yes/No (7 levels) and Wh (9 levels) question modes with the ability to add your own!

Features: Personalized Orientation Questions, User Profiles, Data Tracking, Customization, Receptive & Expressive modes

Languages: English (North American)

Version: 1.04

Price: $19.99 USD

Included in: Question Therapy

Gray, L., Hoyt, P., Mogil, S., & Lefkowitz, N. (1977). A comparison of clinical tests of yes/no questions in aphasia.

Friedmann, N., & Novogrodsky, R. (2011). Which questions are most difficult to understand?: The comprehension of Wh questions in three subtypes of SLI. Lingua, 121(3), 367-382.

Gallagher, T. M., & Guilford, A. M. (1977). Wh-questions: responses by aphasic patients. Cortex, 13(1), 44-54.

Oct 28, 2015            Version 1.04

  • Fix for recording issue on iOS 9 that some users were experiencing

Jun 8, 2015            Version 1.03

  • Minor fixes & new voices

Jan 5, 2015            Version 1.02

  • Minor bug fixes

Feb 2, 2014            Version 1.01

  • Updated to work universally on iPhone & iPod touch

Nov 10, 2013            Answering Therapy Initial Release

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