Answering Therapy speech app for Understanding Questions for Aphasia
Answering Therapy


Give accurate answers when you understand the question using these wh- and yes/no questions.

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Answering Therapy

My favorite app to use with students struggling with understanding & answering questions

This is one of the most versatile question apps I’ve used with so many great features. You can customize the questions using personal information about each user (which I have to admit is one of my MOST favorite parts). It was so funny to see my students react to the personal questions, especially when siblings’ names came up! They loved it! Tactus Therapy really took the time putting together an app that is not only user-friendly, but functional & efficient.

Mindy Stenger, SLP
The Speech Bucket

This is perfect for so many students’ goals

I love that I can switch the presentation of the question around within a set of questions for dynamic speech therapy. You really can’t find content and adaptability like this in any other app. This is a language app that I know can stay on my iPad regardless of the speech therapy setting I will find myself working in during my career, and that is something I can justify investing in. Another great addition to a speech-language pathologist’s toolbox.

Rachel Jones, SLP
Smart Apps for Kids

Perfect for SNF & lower-level patients

I use this app all the time in the skilled nursing facility I work at. The pictures are clear and it is an essential app for those of us who work with lower functioning clients or need to assess receptive communication in clients.

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What You’ll Get in
Answering Therapy

Two activities provide hundreds of exercises to work on understanding questions

Yes/No Questions can be read, heard, or both with 2 clear answer choices to select for several levels of question complexity

Extra support is available through tagged questions, meaning the app adds “yes or no?” to the end

Wh- Questions can be answered orally or through multiple choice

Audio supports are available for all written text, and many levels include pictures as well

Personalize the app by filling out the personal survey to include questions about your life, family, and situation

Orientation questions can be used once the personal survey has been completed

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Answering Therapy

Answering Therapy

Give accurate answers when you understand the question using these wh- and yes/no questions.


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Question Therapy 2-in-1

Question Therapy 2-in-1

Combines Asking & Answering Therapy in an app that addresses yes/no & wh- questions for clearer communication.


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