Video of Asking TherAppy v1.0. The latest version may look and behave slightly differently.


To Get Started:

Touch the USERS tab to slide out the list of users.  The Guest user is provided for a quick start with the app. Select the user you want to use. Press “Add New User” to enter a new user profile. Type in the user’s name and select the settings you wish to use. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press “Done.”

Press Investigate, Yes/No Questions,  Wh Questions, or Question Spinner on the Home Screen to start an activity.

Choose the question you wish to use and press the right arrow button to start.

To End a Session:

Press the Home button in the top left corner.

Choose to Continue with the session, Try Again with the same levels, Email Results, or press Done to return to the Home Screen. All results will be saved in the User Hub no matter which option you select.


This is an errorless learning activity in which the user is presented with a vague statement and encouraged to ask up to 4 different Wh questions to learn more details. Pressing the question button will play the question and reveal the answer, teaching users that asking various Wh questions will get them certain types of information (“who” give information about people, “why” gives reasons, etc). Question words can be touched in any order, just as questions can be asked in any order in a conversation. Color-coding is used to reinforce the connection between asking a question and the information it gives, corresponding to the Fitzgerald Key used in many AAC devices.

After hearing the full sentence, the user can then match up each question word with the part of the sentence it revealed on the next screen. Drag and drop the question words into place.  Touch the words or question buttons at any time to hear them aloud.

There are no settings or scoring for this activity.

Yes/No Questions:

This activity presents a piece of information someone wants to know, and then prompts the user to ask a question to get that information. When the correct answer has been given, the user will learn the answer to his/her question!

Wh Questions:

This activity presents a statement with a critical piece of information cut off, as if the phone has cut out. The user must ask a question using the correct Wh question word to learn the missing piece of information.

Yes/No & Wh Question Response Modes:

At the top of the screen in both activities, there are 3 buttons indicating response modes. Each mode tracks scores separately and can be accessed at any time.

Receptive: This mode provides 2-4 choices of answers. Each answer can be read or heard aloud.

Generator: This mode provides 2-4 sections that can be aligned to form a complete question to ask. Press the “Ask” button to submit the response. Recording is available on-screen to record the user’s production if desired.

Expressive: This mode provides 3 scoring buttons (correct, cued/approximate, incorrect) to score the user’s response. Recording is available on-screen. Sound files are saved with the item during the session, but are not saved once the session is over.

Question Spinner:

This activity presents 1-3 sections of a spinner to create either Yes/No or Wh questions. Manually move each section or press the “Spin” button to create the key words in a question. The user can then generate a question based on the words selected. Scoring and recording are available. Objects and negatives can be included or excluded on the Settings screen for each user. This activity is intended for use in guided practice for verbal or written language goals.

Settings/User Screen:

This app has so many settings to customize the experience for each user’s abilities! You can access many of the settings at any time during play by pressing the gear button on the screen. Some settings are only adjustable between sessions, such as customization, presentation order, and number of trials. Settings can be changed from the User Tab, the User Hub, or during play.

Enter the user’s name or identifier to be displayed on the play screen and in the User Hub. Select all settings appropriate for the user. Press the “?” next to any setting to get more information on what it controls within the app.

Touch the “Customize” button on the main User Screen to select which questions should appear in the app.

User Hub:

Scores from each session are saved for all users in the User Hub. Data can be emailed per session or per activity with narrative summaries, data tables, and graphs.

Data Backup:

To save your user profiles and scores as a back-up or to move from one device to another, plug your device into your computer, open iTunes, select your device, then Apps, and then scroll down to find the File Sharing section. Click on Asking and the backup files will be listed. Save the file(s) to your computer. To restore from a backup copy, click Add in the File Sharing section to replace the file(s) on the device with your backup copy.

Tips & Tricks

Are you using this app to its fullest potential? Do you know about every setting and feature? Take a few moments to read up on our tips for using the app better and tricks for getting more out of it. Then test your knowledge to see if you're aware of all the great things you can do with this app. If you have a tip or trick to share, please let us know!
• Touch each button and text on the screen in the Investigate Match-Up to hear it aloud.
• Hear the question before you hit Ask in the Generator mode by pressing the speaker icon on the right side of the screen.
• Did you know? You can change the speed and gender of the automated voice in the Settings.

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