About Ginger Anderson

Ginger Anderson, M.Ed. CCC-SLP is a freelance writer and SLP for an outpatient rehab facility in northwest Georgia.

Changing Course – Transitioning from School to Medical Speech Therapy

Do the words "Back to School" send shivers down your spine? Do you wonder if the grass is greener working at the local hospital? Ginger Anderson offers honest reflections and practical tips for transitioning from school-based to medical speech-language pathology.

10 Signs You Might Be an Aphasia Therapist

While the characteristics of people with aphasia are well-documented and regularly studied, less is known about the traits and habits of the speech-language pathologists who treat them. Here are 10 sure signs that aphasia treatment is your niche. A funny look at SLP behavior by guest blogger Ginger Anderson.

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A “Bug-Out Bag” for the SLP: How to Pack for a Therapy Emergency

The “bug-out bag.” It’s an emergency kit. An ever-ready tote containing all the essentials its owner will need for surviving a 72-hour period, should catastrophe strike. Every SLP needs one, should you find yourself in a therapy emergency. Find out what you should pack in your SLP bug-out bag in this funny guest post from Ginger Anderson.