About Rinki Varindani Desai

Rinki Varindani Desai is an ASHA-certified medical speech-language pathologist and BIAA-certified brain injury specialist, specializing in the rehabilitation of cognitive-linguistic and swallowing disorders in adults. She is a VitalStim® certified dysphagia therapist, trained in Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) and is currently pursuing Board Certification as a Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. She created the Medical SLP Forum on Facebook, co-authored the mobile app Dysphagia Therapy, and is the co-founder of Dysphagia Grand Rounds. A two-time ASHA ACE awardee, Rinki currently serves on the SIG 13 Editorial Review Committee as CE Editor and on the Dysphagia Research Society’s Website, Communications and Public Relations Committee. She is an ASHA S.T.E.P. mentor and SLP Team Leader of the regional SLP support team in Western, New York. Her articles have been featured in numerous SLP blogs such as the ASHA Leader, Medbridge Education, Gray Matter Therapy, Tactus Therapy, and Dysphagia Café. Rinki has spoken at several national and international conferences on topics related to adult dysphagia and is part of the 30-member cohort chosen to participate in ASHA’s 2017 Leadership Development Program. Originally an SLP from Mumbai, India, Rinki currently practices in Rochester, New York. You can follow her Medical SLP updates on Facebook and Twitter.

A Day in the Life of an SNF SLP

Follow along with Rinki on a day in her life as a speech-language pathologist working in a skilled nursing facility. See how she helps to improve the quality of life of seniors in communication, cognition, and swallowing.

How To: Visual Scanning Treatment for Neglect

A step-by-step guide to doing visual scanning treatment, an evidence-based cognitive therapy technique to improve visual attention in people with right or left neglect after stroke or brain injury. Learn many ways to practice scanning as well as general strategies to encourage recovery.

How To: Spaced Retrieval Training for Memory

A step-by-step guide to doing Spaced Retrieval (SR), an evidence-based therapy technique to improve recall of information for people with memory impairments. Learn why it works, how to do it, and who benefits from this simple yet effective treatment.

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What is Brain Injury?

The brain in the command center of the body, so damage to the brain can result in problems in every area of life. Learn more about the types, causes, and effects of brain injury, as well as how SLPs can help brain injury survivors to recover function in this guest post from SLP and brain injury specialist Rinki Varindani Desai.

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