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Conversation Therapy Gets People Talking

Conversation is the basis of human contact. It’s also the end goal of speech therapy. Conversation doesn’t always come easily between strangers, however—or even between people who know a great deal about each other. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Conversation Therapy helps spur discussion, memories, and debate. This versatile app is great when you’re working on any communication goal - now with 9 languages and new features to hear the questions read aloud!

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Adult Speech Therapy Apps are Great for Kids Too

Tactus Therapy apps are effective speech therapy tools for adults recovering from acquired communication disorders such as aphasia.They’re also effective tools for kids struggling to overcome language delays and articulation problems.Here’s how one school-based speech-language pathologist uses Tactus Therapy apps to help kids in kindergarten and first and second grade.

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Speech Therapy: What to Expect and How to Ask for What You Want

Finding yourself or a loved one suddenly enrolled in speech therapy following a stroke or brain injury can add further stress to an overwhelming time. While it may start out as an experience you’d rather not have, soon you may find its something you can’t get enough of. Here are some tips for making the most of the time you have in speech therapy.

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Understanding the Communication Challenges Facing Stroke Survivors

There are millions of stroke survivors around the world, but you may not realize you're talking with one right away. Learn what a stroke really is, then read about the 4 types of acquired communication disorders that may affect the way a stroke survivor speaks. Find out what you can do to make conversation easier once you understand why the person speaks the way they do.

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Testing and Treating Left Neglect Just Got Easier

Visual Attention Therapy, a professional cognitive training app, helps stroke survivors with visuospatial neglect retrain their brains. It also gives professionals immediate access to a variety of cancellation tasks, as well as exercise enhancements you won’t find anywhere else. Read the blog to discover what’s new in version 1.05 along with some expert advice on how to get the most out of this powerful app.

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Meaningful Gifts for SLPs Made Simple

Looking for a way to thank therapists and medical staff for their help with stroke rehabilitation? Here’s a suggestion that’s more meaningful than coffee gift cards, fruit baskets, and chocolates since it keeps helping others after you've moved on.

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iDevices Help People with Speech-Language Disorders to Communicate Better

iPads and iPhones are loaded with built-in apps and accessibility features that make them ideal devices to help people with aphasia. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS8 continues the company’s mission of empowering everyone, including users with disabilities. Here is a detailed look at six accessibility features and apps that can help adults with speech and language disorders communicate better.

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Making the Most of the ASHA Convention

The annual convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the pinnacle event of the year for speech-language pathologists in the United States. It’s unrivalled in scope and impact. The convergence of over 10,000 participants, hundreds of knowledgeable speakers and researchers, and over 300 exhibitors adds up to three days education and fun, filled with like-minded people [...]

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Aphasia Today, Independence Tomorrow

It was September of 2013, and Jennifer and Ed Swaren were busy prepping their yard and pool for winter. Suddenly Jennifer stumbled, fell, and broke her hip. She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where she was operated on a few days later. Because she was slow to recover after the surgery, the [...]

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Bundles—A Great Way to Stock Up and Save on Apps

You deserve value for your money. We've always kept that idea as a priority in our app development decisions and pricing. That’s why Tactus Therapy was ahead of the bundling trend when we created Language Therapy 4-in-1 in 2012. This app is a collection of 4 of our most popular apps, bundled into a single package [...]

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