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Meaningful Gifts for SLPs Made Simple

Looking for a way to thank therapists and medical staff for their help with stroke rehabilitation? Here’s a suggestion that’s more meaningful than coffee gift cards, fruit baskets, and chocolates since it keeps helping others after you've moved on.

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  • Use built-in features to improve communication

iDevices Help People with Speech-Language Disorders to Communicate Better

iPads and iPhones are loaded with built-in apps and accessibility features that make them ideal devices to help people with aphasia. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS8 continues the company’s mission of empowering everyone, including users with disabilities. Here is a detailed look at six accessibility features and apps that can help adults with speech and language disorders communicate better.

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Bundles—A Great Way to Stock Up and Save on Apps

You deserve value for your money. We've always kept that idea as a priority in our app development decisions and pricing. That’s why Tactus Therapy was ahead of the bundling trend when we created Language Therapy 4-in-1 in 2012. This app is a collection of 4 of our most popular apps, bundled into a single package [...]

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Promo Codes: 101

What is a Promo Code? A "promo code" is a long alphanumeric code that can be redeemed for a FREE copy of a specific app for iOS or Android. Developers are given a limited number of codes for each version of an app they submit to Apple, or each quarter on Google Play. These codes [...]

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