Several of our speech therapy apps use an automated text-to-speech voice to provide auditory stimuli, feedback on responses, and extra support for written text. This automated voice gives each app added flexibility of using regional accents (US, UK, Australia, Ireland, etc.), selecting male and female options, and the ability to read back anything. This allows us to have more stimuli and supports than we could otherwise provide, all in a slimmer download (using fewer megabytes on your device).

Apple gives you many options for voices on your iOS device, and it’s easy to change which voice you hear. The default for the US has always been “Samantha” until iOS 12 was released. Now, the operating system defaults to Siri-Female. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow app developers to use the Siri voices in their apps. So if you have Siri selected as your default voice, you will hear a rather unpleasant male voice in your apps. You can change the voice by following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone 
  2. Touch General, then Accessibility
  3. Press Speech
  4. Touch Voices
  5. Select English
  6. You may see that Siri is the default voice. If you want to change it, select another voice, such as Samantha
  7. Be sure to select a voice – you’ll see the check mark; press the download button to add an enhanced voice, and preview the voice with the play button
  8. When you have selected a voice, you’ll see the check next to it


Now you should be able to go into your apps and hear the voice you have selected. Note: These instructions are for North American users. You can make adjustments to other accents as well, but it just won’t be Samantha.