Please read the frequently asked questions and answers below. If you still have a question, please contact us.

Q: Help! I just downloaded the app and the sound doesn’t work!

A: First, double-check your volume control. Make sure the volume is all the way up.

The next thing to check is your mute-lock switch. The mute-lock switch is usually responsible, especially if you can hear sounds using headphones.

Newer iPad / mini / Pro users

Apple removed the mute-lock switch from the side of your iPad. It’s now in the menu that you pull/swipe up from the bottom of your iPad. Check the icon that has a bell in it. If it is highlighted (iOS 10) or red (iOS 11), your mute is on. Touch it to turn it off and try our apps again.


Mute is ON in iOS 10

Mute is ON in iOS 11

Older iPad users

The mute-lock switch is located on the side of your iPad above the volume button. Please make sure it does NOT show orange. Now check to see if the volume is working.

Mute Lock

If this doesn’t fix the problem, go into the Settings App (silver gear icon) on your device to the General settings and look for “Use Side Switch to:”. Make sure it is set to “Mute”, and then move the side switch to off (see above). Now test the sounds in the app. You can turn your side switch back to “Lock Rotation” if you like, just don’t move the switch before you do.

Last things to try

If still not fixed (but 99% of problems should be), the next step is to completely shut down the app. Double-press the home button, find the app icon, hold until it starts to move, and press the minus sign. Then power down the device completely (press and hold the power button, slide to power off) and restart. Now check to see if the volume is working.

Finally, if none of the above steps has worked, delete the app by pressing and holding the icon until it jiggles, then press the “x” to delete it. You can now safely redownload the app without paying by revisiting the App Store and clicking “Install”. You will not be charged again if you use the same iTunes account. Now check if the volume is working. After you have completed all of these steps, if you are still having trouble, please contact us. Let us know if you can hear sound using headphones and what you have tried.

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Q: How do I buy a Tactus Therapy app?

A: All of our apps are downloaded directly from the App Store or Play Store on your device. You can go to the store on your device and search for the app that you’re interested in downloading, or search for “Tactus Therapy” to see all our apps.

Alternatively, we’ve made it easy for you to go to the app of your choice by including direct links on each of the app pages on our website. Simply go to the apps page, find and select the app, and then click on the download button for your device type.

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Q: Licensing / How many copies of your apps should I buy?

A: We abide by the Apple and Google terms of service for licensing. This means that:

1. If you are using the apps for personal use and you have multiple devices, say a phone and a tablet or two tablets, then you only need to buy one copy of each app and you can use the same account to download the app to all your devices.

2. If you are a business and have multiple devices that are shared by multiple people, then you should buy a copy of each app for each device. For example, if you have five iPads that are shared between ten members of staff, you should buy five copies of each app, one for each device.

The Apple terms of service are here:

This is the relevant section:

“- Individuals acting on behalf of a commercial enterprise, governmental organization or educational institution (an “Enterprise”) may download and sync Apps for use by either (i) a single individual on one or more devices owned or controlled by an Enterprise; or (ii) multiple individuals on a single shared device owned or controlled by an Enterprise. For the sake of clarity, each device used serially or collectively by multiple users requires a separate license.”

The Google terms of service are here:

This is the relevant section:

“Restrictions: You may not:
– use Content as part of any service for sharing, lending or multi-person use, or for the purpose of any other institution, except as specifically permitted and only in the exact manner provided.”

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Q: How do I find the price of an app in my country?

A: We list all prices in US dollars on our website. To find the price in your country, log into the App Store or Google Play Store on your device. You may notice that this price is not a direct currency conversion from USD to GBP/CAD/AUS/EUR. We set our prices based on Apple’s price tiers. (Tier 1 = $0.99 USD, $1.39 CAD, $1.49 AUD, £0.99 GBP) Apple sets the price in each country based on long-term currency fluctuations and taxes – we have no control over this. Please keep in mind that the price in your country may also include tax. US prices do not include sales tax, which varies by state, so these prices often appear lower. However, the AUS and GBP prices do include the 10% GST and 20% VAT, respectively. None of our single apps has ever been priced above Tier 25, or $25 USD.

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Q: I bought the wrong app. How do I get a refund?

A: Oh no! It’s always best for you to make sure the app is right for you before purchasing by downloading the free Lite version of the app. However, we understand that mistakes happen and sometimes you pay for an app you don’t need or didn’t mean to buy. In that case, it depends on how you bought the app.

Apple iOS Users: Apple handles all refunds on the App Store. They give us no information about who purchased which app as a way of protecting your information. So if you need a refund, you need to click on the “Report a Problem” link on your email receipt or in your purchase history, or go to to request the refund. Here’s more information on how to get help with a purchase from Apple.

Android Google Play Users: There are 2 ways to get a refund. If it’s within the first 48 hours, you can request a refund through Google Play. If it’s beyond that timeframe, you’ll need to send us your receipt with the Order Number visible. We can then match up the transaction with our records and issue the refund. Here’s more information from Google Play on how to get a refund.

If you think the app is pretty close to what you need but not quite, please email us! We can offer suggestions on settings to change, levels to select, and other tips and tricks to make the app more functional for your therapy.

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Q: All my categories are empty on Comprehension/Naming/Writing/Reading/Conversation Therapy! Where did they go?

A: On several apps, we have included the ability to turn any individual item on or off. Usually, when people find all their items missing, they have inadvertently turned off ALL items. To fix this, go to the Settings page (gear icon in the top right corner) and press the “Choose” or “Customize” button at the bottom. Now press “Select All” if all items are deselected. Press DONE or BACK, then HOME, and you should find all your categories full again.

In Naming Therapy, you can also limit the items shown with the “Number of Syllables” setting. If you are seeing only a few items in each category, please check that all syllable lengths are selected.

You should also routinely back up your custom items and categories. You can do this with the latest release of Language Therapy and the component apps by following these simple instructions to backup and restore.

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Q: I accidentally deleted the app / got a new device. How can I get it back without having to buy it again?

A: Don’t worry! You won’t have to repurchase the app. All of your app purchases are tied to the Apple ID or Google account you used to buy them. Simply open your App Store or Google Play Store, make sure you’re logged in with the same account, search for the app, and you should see a download or install button. You will also see the app in your Purchased apps list on iOS or in your Library on Google Play.

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Q: The recording feature doesn’t work on my app! How do I get it to record sound?

A: In iOS7 and newer, you are asked when you first enter the app if you would like to allow the app access to the microphone. If you do not accept, then the recording will not work. Have no fear – it’s easy to reset! Go to your Settings app, select Privacy, then Microphone. Now find the app you’re using and switch it on.

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Q: Are Tactus Therapy Solutions apps available for Android or Windows?

A: All of our apps are available for iOS (Apple’s iPad and iPhone). Nearly all of our apps are now also available for Android on the Google Play Store. Please note that iOS and Android apps are separate products and are not transferable between platforms. (Only Question Therapy 2-in-1 and Speech FlipBook are currently not available for Android devices. Please contact us to let us know if you need one of these apps.)

All of the Tactus Therapy apps are designed specifically for mobile touch-screen devices; they do not work on PCs or Macs (neither desktop nor laptop models), or on Windows tablets. We have no plans at this time to develop for Windows. However, there are ways of using Android apps on computers using an emulator. If you are tech savvy and want to try it, learn how and try our free Lite apps before purchasing. Similarly, if you have an Amazon Fire tablet, there are ways to install the Google Play store, but our apps are not sold through the Amazon App Store.

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Q: Can I use these apps in French/Spanish/Dutch/Portuguese/Czech/etc.?

A: The whole Language Therapy 4-in-1 app (and the 4 separate component apps: Comprehension, Naming, Writing, and Reading Therapy) is now fully translated and localized into Spanish, German, French, US English, and UK English. Language Therapy also allows you to add your own words/pictures, so you can add any language or custom materials.

Conversation Therapy has 10 language settings including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, and Zulu. The questions in this app have been translated, but the app is not localized. This means that all menus, email reports, etc remain in English, but you can change the language of the stimuli in the Settings.

We have no plans to translate any further apps or into any other languages. We are a small company and have decided to use our limited resources to focus on creating the best English apps we can, as this is our expertise. We understand the need for quality materials in all languages, but we are unable to meet this need on our own.

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Q: I heard your apps are for adults; can I use these apps with children?

A: Of course! For use with children, turn on the Child-Friendly Mode in the Settings to deactivate links and eliminate more adult-themed pictures from the app, including references to alcohol and violence. Developed with adults in mind, these apps also provide therapeutic stimulation for children with autism, language learning disorders, or simply children learning language. The difference between pediatric-focused apps and Tactus Therapy Solutions apps is that our apps do not have cartoons, children’s voices, or reward sounds that are undesirable for an adult treatment population. They may be especially good for older children and teens who still need work at the single-word level but do not enjoy using preschool apps or for children who do better with less sensory stimulation and real photos/voice.

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Q: Do your apps require wifi or a data connection to work?

A: No! Our therapy apps have an email option for sending results at the end of each use, but they do NOT require a connection to work. If you are using an app in an area without Internet and wish to save your results, make sure the Mail program is set up on your device prior to use, so you can save your results as a Draft in your Outbox. Once saved, you can refer back to the results saved in your Outbox or send the email once the device has access to a connection.

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Q: I heard about app bundles. What are they and can I get them?

A: Apple offers app bundles. This is where you can buy several apps together at a discount. We have 2 bundles that offer you year-round savings when you stock up on all of our apps. You can find out more about Apple’s bundles here and see which bundles we have here. We also have our own pre-bundled apps still available – Language Therapy 4-in-1 and Question Therapy 2-in-1.

Unfortunately, Google Play does not offer app bundles, so these are not available for Android users. Similarly, Apple does not make these bundles available for their Volume Purchase Program. If you are a volume purchaser on either iOS or Android, please contact us with the apps and quantities you are interested in, as we may be able to help.

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Q: Can you send me a promo code for a free app to try it out?

A: You can download Language Therapy Lite and Advanced Language Therapy Lite for a free trial of 4 of our apps each. You can also download the free Visual Attention Therapy Lite, Conversation Therapy Lite, Apraxia Therapy Lite, Number Therapy Lite, or Category Therapy Lite to see how they work. Question Therapy Lite will allow you to try out Answering Therapy and Asking Therapy together. You can also watch the videos demonstrating each app and read the comprehensive reviews linked on each page to learn more about how each app works.

We are pleased to be able to offer FREE copies of our apps to the following people:

  • Graduate School Clinics for iPads or tablets available to SLP students to use in therapy
  • Non-Profit Aphasia Centers for use with members
  • Researchers who wish to study our apps
  • Healthcare buyers who evaluate apps for volume purchases
  • Educators who evaluate apps for educational volume purchase for school districts
  • App Reviewers & Bloggers who publish reviews online
  • Presenters who speak to a wider audience about apps or other related topics

If you feel you qualify under one of these categories, please contact us with information about your work or setting. For more information about how to redeem a promo code, please see our blog post.

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Q: I have an idea for an app. Will you make it for me?

A: We are not currently accepting contracts for app publishing.

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Q: Are you hiring? Which positions are available?

A: Please see our Jobs page for details about our current contract opportunities.

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Q: Do you have a privacy policy?

A: Yes. You can find it here.