When you’ve had a stroke, therapists and medical specialists are there to help with your recovery. These people can be lifelines for you and your family during a very challenging time.

Although it’s natural to want to show your appreciation for their care, patience, and understanding, finding the right thank-you or holiday gift isn’t always easy. Many people settle on giving coffee gift cards, fruit baskets, or chocolates – but sometimes gifts like these don’t adequately convey the right sentiment.

So, how do you express your deep gratitude? What are appropriate gifts for therapists?

Easy Gifts for SLPs - a Tactus Therapy app!

What’s Appropriate?

Healthcare professionals must follow guidelines set by their regulatory bodies and employers, some of which restrict the type and value of gifts their members can accept. Some guidelines forbid the acceptance of personal gifts altogether.

This was the situation facing Shirley Moon when her brother was ready for discharge from a veteran’s hospital in Indiana. “My brother’s speech therapist recommended Tactus Therapy apps for us to use after his discharge,” Shirley says, “yet she didn’t have an iPad to use at the hospital. And, in fact, the recreational therapist and the occupational therapist said they knew of various apps they’d use if they had an iPad.”

Shirley and her husband saw this as an opportunity to do something that would directly benefit some of the excellent staff who had worked so closely with her brother. Though it took a little time to follow military protocol, the Moons eventually presented an iPad with a protective cover and a $100 iTunes gift card to the rehabilitation unit.

“It was a great opportunity for us to be able to buy something to help not only the professional staff we knew first hand, but also realized that it would help other patients who would come through the rehabilitation unit after my brother,” Shirley explains. “We felt very strongly about this particular unit of the VA Hospital. We were jumping at the opportunity to help them. It felt really right.”

Giving an iOS App

If your budget doesn’t allow such a generous gesture, touchscreen apps make great gifts, especially since many speech-language pathologists do use iPads with their clients. All you need is your credit card and your recipient’s email address—no gift wrap required.

Here’s how to use your computer or mobile device to present someone with an app that runs on Apple’s touch-screen devices:

1) In the App Store, select the app you want to give. Need ideas? Any speech-language pathologist who uses an iPad will have a wish list, so just ask. Or check out the filtering and search functionality on the Tactus Therapy app page to find some of our most popular apps.

2) Touch the Share button in the top right corner of the app’s info page.

Gifs for SLPs: an app is a thoughtful and easy holiday or thank-you gift

3) Select Gift from the options that appear. The button looks like a wrapped present.

4) Enter the recipient’s email address and your message.

Gifts for SLPs: give an app to your favorite speech therapist

5) Schedule your gift delivery date. The current date is the default, but you can choose another date, such as Christmas Day, if you wish.

6) Select a theme for your message. There are a few color and message options to choose from.

7) Touch the Next button.

8) Confirm your purchase details.

9) Touch the Buy button in the top right corner of the screen.

On the date you’ve scheduled, your recipient will receive an email saying the app you’ve selected is paid for and ready for download.

If you’re accessing the App Store on your computer, step 2 is slightly different. Instead of touching the Share button, click on the downward-pointing arrow next to the word Download. Select Gift This App. The remaining steps are similar.

Gifts for SLPs - Conversation Therapy is an excellent tool

Thank you for considering a gift that will keep on giving; and remember, a hand-written note of thanks is always an appreciated gesture.

Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us at Tactus Therapy!


Need help picking a Tactus Therapy app as a gift? Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide some advice.