You deserve value for your money. We’ve always kept that idea as a priority in our app development decisions and pricing. That’s why Tactus Therapy was ahead of the bundling trend when we created Language Therapy 4-in-1 in 2012. This app is a collection of 4 of our most popular apps, bundled into a single package at a great discount.

Apple has now caught on to the idea. They are finally enabling developers to bundle their apps together so everyone can save. You’ll find 2 Tactus Therapy app bundles on the App Store.

How App Bundles Work

The idea is simple. A developer groups several apps together and sets a discounted price for the whole bundle. It’s cheaper for you to buy the bundle than to buy all the apps individually. You can choose the bundle that meets your needs, and save money while completing your set of professional speech therapy tools.

If you already own one or more Tactus Therapy apps, you can select the “Complete My Bundle” option and deduct the amount you’ve already paid from the full bundle price. The App Store will show you the price of completing your bundle based on your purchase history, so be sure to sign in with your Apple ID before shopping.

Choosing an App Bundle

The Tactus Therapy apps bundles are simple. There are only two, and combined, they contain nearly all of the apps we’ve created. (The only app not included is Question Therapy 2-in-1, which you can purchase separately or get only Asking Therapy or only Answering Therapy.)

Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

6 apps for aphasia or language therapy, all with free Lite versions to try. However, since 2 of the apps are already 4-in-1 bundles, you’re actually getting 12 full apps!

See the Tactus Collection Part 1 | Aphasia app bundle on the App Store.

Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools

5 apps for speech, swallowing, and cognitive therapy

See the Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools app bundle on the App Store.

Look at each app you own, then see which bundle it belongs to. The other apps in the bundle are designed to complement it. The description page for each app on the App Store includes a section called “Also Included In.” This tells you which bundles the app is part of.

If you’re not sure what you need, you can try the free version (labeled “Lite”) of most apps before buying the full version. Keep in mind, the free versions are intended as trial versions and do not include the full complement of materials you’ll find in the full versions.

Exploring Apps and Bundle

If you’d like to see all of the bundles offered by a single developer, you can search for the developer on the App Store. On an iPad or iPhone, search for the name of the developer (e.g., “Tactus Therapy”), and you’ll get a list of the developer’s apps and bundles.

Searching for "Tactus Therapy" on an iPad

Searching for “Tactus Therapy” on an iPad

If you’re using iTunes on your computer, again, just searching for “Tactus Therapy” will list all the apps and bundles together. You might need to scroll to the right to see the bundles if the developer offers lots of apps.

Using iTunes to search for 'tactus therapy'

Using iTunes to search for “Tactus Therapy”

Pro Tip: There’s a cool trick for seeing all the bundles together, instead of scattered among a list of the individual apps. On an iPad or iPhone, click on one of the apps in your search results, then click on the developer’s name. You’ll see all its bundles together, at the top. If you’re using a computer to view an app description page in iTunes, click on the “Artists and more” link in the panel on the right side and you’ll get a list of bundles by that developer.

Alternatively, we can save you all that time and you can just click here to see all Tactus Therapy bundles and apps.


Can’t See the Bundles?

This can happen if your iPad or iPhone uses an older version of iOS (such as iOS 5 or 6) or if you’re using an older version of iTunes on your computer. Try updating to a more recently released version.

Does the Bundle Price Seem too High?

Though rare, it is possible for the bundle price to be more than the combined prices of the individual apps you’re buying to complete your bundle.

This can happen if you’ve been lucky enough to get a free or discounted copy of one of the apps in the bundle. The fact that you haven’t yet paid anything is reflected in how the “Complete My Bundle” pricing works.

Remember, you’ll pay the bundle price minus the amount you’ve already paid for the app(s) you already own. So if you haven’t paid anything, the bundle will be full price. If that’s the case, you could be better to buy the apps individually.

Other Issues?

If you have other questions about how bundles work, please visit Apple’s frequently asked questions page.