Q: “I keep hearing great things about your apps! Where do I start?”

A: We currently have 17 unique titles, 2 bundled apps, 9 lite versions, and a few app bundles – all on iOS. For Android users, we’re adding to the 10 titles currently available as quickly as we can. With so many Tactus Therapy apps, it’s no wonder people want some help knowing where to start.

Don’t worry though! It’s really not difficult. Each app has many different uses and lots of ways to customize it, so it’s hard to go wrong. Here are a few questions that will help guide you to the apps you’re going to love.

  1. Speech-language pathologists – start here.
  2. People dealing with aphasia – start here.
  3. All others – start here.

Download the complete PDF flowchart to find the right apps to start with.

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1) Are you a Speech-Language Pathologist?

If you’re a SLP who works with adults, you’re in luck! Every single Tactus Therapy app is for you. That’s because our founder and app designer is also an adult-focused SLP and has created these tools to make her own work easier.

Tactus Therapy Apps for SLPs

1a) Where do you work?

* Acute Care Hospital: You’re always on the go as part of a busy medical team, focusing on assessment before your patients are sent off to rehab.

1st) Dysphagia Therapy. This app is your evidence-based pocket guide to swallowing assessment and treatment with the indispensable Therapy Finder and custom patient handouts. Read more or download now.

2nd) AlphaTopics AAC. This is a 3-in-1 AAC solution that can help with dysarthria, aphasia, and patients in the ICU. You never know when you’re going to need a whiteboard, so have one always on-hand with this app. Struggling to understand what your ventilated patient is saying? Have them point to the letters or tell you the topic. Read more or download now.

* Inpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatients, or Home Health: You’re focusing on restoring lost abilities and learning to compensate, so you need lots of materials you can use with a number of different clients, taking them up the hierarchy as they improve.

1st) Language Therapy 4-in-1. Four complete apps that will give you all the basics for aphasia therapy. Quickly screen, then work on single word comprehension and naming. Step up to phrase and sentence-level reading or work on spelling. Add your own items to each app and send score reports via email. Download free version now.

2nd) Conversation Therapy. There’s really nothing you can’t use this app to work on. Aphasia, cognitive-communication, dysarthria – you shape the therapy once you get your clients talking using these interesting photographs and thought-provoking questions. A good selection of safety and problem-solving topics too! Download free version now.

Want all the Tactus Therapy apps? Combine the Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia with Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools to get all 13 apps in 2 money-saving app bundles.

* Skilled Nursing Facility or Long-Term Care: You help a lot of seniors with memory and cognitive concerns on top of a busy swallowing caseload. You’re held to high productivity standards, so you need tools that save you time.

1st) Spaced Retrieval Therapy. Train personalized memory targets using the evidence-based method of spaced retrieval for dementia therapy. This app takes care of the data tracking while giving you an expanding interval timer with alerts to keep you on track. Download now.

2nd) Visual Attention Therapy. Scan the screen to find 1 or 2 symbols or letters, training attention and memory while you increase speed and accuracy. An optional signal helps those with neglect learn to look to the left. Download free version now.

* Schools: You’re making a difference in the lives of children by helping them with essential speech, language, and pragmatic skills. You have to keep it fun, functional, and age-appropriate with results everyone can see.

1st) Speech FlipBook. Target any sound in any position with this flipbook perfect for articulation and apraxia therapy. Kids love hearing each sound and recording themselves, and you’ll love the instant custom word lists. Download now.

2nd) Category Therapy. Work on semantic organization and vocabulary in a variety of ways. Real photos and a distraction-free interface appeal to those with autism. Download free version now.

Read more about using Tactus Therapy apps with children to find out which apps work best and how other school-based SLPs are using them.

2) Are you a person with aphasia or a loved one of a person with aphasia?

If you or your loved one is a stroke survivor with aphasia or apraxia, you’ve found the right place. Our affordable apps are developed as professional tools that are easy to use at home. We want you to get more practice to get better faster, so we give you the exercises and assistance to do the work independently at home, when it works for you.

Tactus Therapy Apps for Aphasia

2a) How severe is the aphasia?

* Struggling to speak at all

1st) Language Therapy 4-in-1. There is so much in this app, and very little of it requires you to speak to improve your skills. Research shows that using this app at least 20 minutes a day can make significant changes in language abilities in just 4 weeks! Download free version now.

2nd) Apraxia Therapy. Watch the videos and speak along with this app that helps you produce fluent speech. Work on sequences, functional phrases, or longer words with a focus on rhythm and tapping. Download free version now.

* Communicates basic messages – sometimes

1st) Conversation Therapy. Practice your communication strategies in authentic conversation with a partner. Thousands of questions guide you through hundreds of topics to get you talking at home. Download free version now.

2nd) AlphaTopics AAC. Stop playing guessing games and start giving hints. Use the topic board to narrow down options, or point to a letter on the letter board to zero in on a word. The handy white board is good for writing, drawing, or giving choices. Read more or download now.

* Understanding is hardest

1st) Category Therapy. If you’ve already tried Comprehension Therapy (part of Language Therapy 4-in-1) for single words, take it to the next level by working on understanding semantic relationships between words. Download free version now.

2nd) Answering Therapy (part of Question Therapy 2-in-1). Practice answering yes/no and wh-questions. Answer aloud or select from multiple choices. Fill out a personal survey to have the app ask questions about your life. Download free version now.

3rd) Advanced Comprehension Therapy. Our newest and most advanced app for auditory and reading comprehension. Match pictures to sentences, put together the sentence you hear, and follow 1-, 2-, and 3-step directions. Download free version now.

* Need some fine-tuning

1st) Asking Therapy (part of Question Therapy 2-in-1). This app focuses on the grammar of asking questions – both yes/no and wh-questions. Adjust the level of support to improve your skills over time. Download free version now.

2nd) Number Therapy. Numbers can be especially difficult when you have aphasia. Practice understanding, saying, and writing all kinds of numbers in this comprehensive app just for those with aphasia. Download free version now.

3rd) Advanced Naming Therapy. Our most advanced app for word-finding and verbal expression. Talk about interesting photos, compare and contrast, name items in categories, and construct sentences using the evidence-based VNeST technique. Download free version now.

Want all the apps for aphasia? Check out our Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia app bundle to get 8 apps for aphasia therapy in a money-saving value pack.

3) Are you someone else?

Tactus Therapy Apps for Others

* Occupational Therapist: You’re going to love Visual Attention Therapy to work on attention and scanning. Download free version now.

* Parent of Child with Special Needs: Try Language Therapy Lite or Question Therapy Lite to see if they’re right for your child.

* Person with Dysarthria (slurred speech): Try AlphaTopics AAC to slow down and clear up your speech by touching the first letter of each word as you say it. A great help for Parkinson’s, stroke, and TBI. Read more or download now.

* Speech Therapy or Linguistics Student: You need to start playing Soundable. It’s a fun and free game that lets you hone your transcription skills as you challenge your friends to build words using IPA or sounds. You can get the rest of our apps once you graduate! Download now.


Still need more assistance? We’re always happy to help. Contact us with details of what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction. Even easier is to answer a few simple questions using our App Finder for personalized results of the best apps for you.