Reading TherAppy

Reading TherAppy is a digital workbook, providing hundreds of reading comprehension activities at the phrase and sentence levels. With picture stimuli, users identify the phrase or sentence to match amongst carefully crafted foils. Text-based modes allow phrase and sentence completion. Scoring is automated and results can be e-mailed in professional reports. As a bridge from the single words of Comprehension TherAppy to the paragraphs and functional materials needed for independent living, Reading TherAppy provides clinicians and clients with valuable stimuli for independent practice and learning.

Language TherAppy LiteReading TherAppy is 1 of 4 apps bundled together in Language TherAppy; try it for FREE by downloading Language TherAppy Lite!

The Basics:

Platforms: iPad/iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch
Goal Areas: Reading Comprehension, Attention, Problem Solving
Helps: Aphasia, Alexia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Cognitive-Communication Impairment, Brain Injury, Early Language Learners, Language Learning Disability, Autism, English as a Second Language Learners
Languages: English (US) or add your own exercises in another language
Version: 1.03
Price: $14.99 USD

4 modes of practice

4 Activities:

  • Phrase Matching - match a short phrase to a picture

  • Phrase Completion - select a word to complete a phrase

  • Sentence Matching - match a sentence to a picture

  • Sentence Completion - select a word to complete a sentence

Plenty of Stimuli:

  • 450+ items in each activity

  • 1800+ exercises in all

  • 14 semantic categories included

  • 700+ beautiful color photographs

Add Your Own Exercises

Full Customization:

  • NEW!! Add all your own pictures, text, and answers

  • Create your own categories – one for each student, client, or subject area

  • Turn all included stimuli on or off

  • Use to add other languages

Automated Scoring:

  • Keep trying until you get it right with accurate scoring

  • E-mail results to yourself, a therapist, teacher, or family member

  • Perfect for telepractice, independent practice, and supervised use

  • Review answers, seeing each error made, for enhanced comprehension

Phrase Completion
Sentence Matching

Cover Many Goals at Once:

  • Each item has 3 carefully crafted foils, making it harder than it seems

  • Adjust difficulty by allowing 2, 3, or 4 options on the screen at once

  • Build attention to detail, decrease impulsivity, & practice oral reading

  • Stimuli cover idioms, common phrases, paired associates, and more!

Other Features:

  • Single touch is the only gesture required

  • Distraction-free and intuitive design makes it easy to use

  • Adjust the time interval between trials or set to manual

  • Child-Friendly Mode removes adult-themed pictures and disables outside links

Phrase Matching

Praise for Reading TherAppy:

Video Demonstration of Reading TherAppy: