Visual Attention Therapy

Visual Attention

Retrain the brain with interactive cancellation exercises that help you assess and treat left neglect.

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Testing and Treating Left Neglect
Just Got Easier!

Visual Attention Therapy helps people with visual neglect improve awareness of the neglected side of space. Throw out those old cancellation worksheets that don’t provide feedback and bring your treatment into the 21st century!

Unlimited exercises provide the intensity of practice you need to change the brain and improve:




Attention to Detail

Speed of Processing

These interactive cancellation exercises provide errorless learning along with visual & auditory feedback to retrain the eyes to move from left to right across the whole screen. With automated scoring and adjustable difficulty, you’ll never go back to paper exercises again!

See Visual Attention Therapy In Action

Practice at Home or Use at Work

Race against the clock to improve thinking & reading skills

  • Practice as much as you want, when you want, on your own
  • Track your progress, and adjust the difficulty as you improve

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Don’t just tell your patients to look to the left – train them

  • Modernize your cancellation exercises & save paper
  • Save time with automated scoring and professional reports

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Visual Attention Therapy

Thanks for yet another amazing release!

Tactus Therapy continues to impress with their quality therapy apps. One needs a thick book of paper-based activities to get the customized visual attention tasks you get here. Visual Attention Therapy is guaranteed to be one of those beautiful apps that will make you exclaim “Finally!” We were this close to hugging it, to be honest.

Carla Cuadro, SLP 

I highly recommend it!

As with all the Tactus Therapy apps, this one is easy to navigate. I love how this app can just as easily be used with a 3-year-old who is just learning to read as it can with an adult experiencing left neglect from a brain tumor. It takes a simple, familiar format and turns it into a dynamic, interactive tool that is age-appropriate for anyone.

Aubrey Taylor Klingensmith, SLP 
Speechie Apps

This app ticks all the boxes!

Tactus Therapy is well-known for their high-quality apps catering to those with special needs. This app is no exception. This specialized app has a beautifully simple user interface. I have 2 boys with ASD who have tracking problems that make reading challenging. Visual Attention Therapy is a great value that offers proven results.

Julie-Anne McCarthy

What You’ll Get in
Visual Attention Therapy

Two activities provide thousands of cancellation tasks for assessment and therapy

  1. Test allows users to touch anywhere on the screen to find the target
  2. Practice requires users to find targets in order from left to right, top to bottom

Adjustable settings allow you to customize the experience

10 levels of difficulty allow you to adjust as users progress

Immediate feedback with visual and auditory cues and an on-screen timer to encourage speed and accuracy

Sidebar signal can flash in a variety of colors to draw attention to the left or right

One or two targets to focus on scanning or challenge working memory and alternating attention

Automated scoring breaks down accuracy by quadrant

Professional reports for you to e-mail, print, or save

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Visual Attention Therapy

Visual Attention Therapy Lite

Download Visual Attention Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of the full version. The Lite version allows you to try both activities using one or two targets with all the different signal options and cancellation styles, limiting you to just one level and size.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of Visual Attention Therapy. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed this app.

Pick Your Goal

Use Visual Attention Therapy to assess and treat left neglect, right neglect, attention deficits, working memory impairments, slow speed of processing, initiation problems, and reading problems.

Client Profiles

The deficits addressed by this app are common in people with strokes (especially right CVAs), dementia (Alzheimer’s and other types), brain injury (TBI), and other cognitive disorders. 

Start at the Right Level

Don’t automatically select all target levels. Choose only the levels that offer sufficient challenge. You’ll find 10 options on the Levels tab arranged in order of difficulty.

Make it Easier

Select 1 target, the fewest number of items, and Level 1: Same Symbol or Level 2: Same Letter. This will focus on sustained attention as the user hits every single item on the screen.

Make it Harder

Select 2 targets, the most number of items, and Level 9: Similar Symbols (to exercise the visuo-spatial sketchpad of working memory) or Level 10: Similar Letters (to exercise the phonological loop of working memory).

Create a Challenge

Race against a previous time or score to encourage faster processing speed and accuracy. Set a target to beat, but don’t always trade time for accuracy. Make therapy fun and engaging!

Functional Therapy

If better reading is the objective, choose levels featuring letters. The closer therapy is to the functional outcome, the better and faster it is likely to work. Even-numbered levels use letters.

Build Insight

Take a screenshot after completing the Test but before pressing Done. This will give you a visual record of missed targets for users with decreased awareness of their neglect. Review the image to build insight and discuss strategies.

Generalize Outside the App

We give you four signal color options to allow you to match the app with the color of painter’s tape you might be using on doorways, tables, and trays around the rehab unit or home for consistency.

Increase Independence

Start with a flashing signal to draw extra attention to the neglected side. Once the user has a high success rate, fade the signal to a solid color, then remove it altogether for better generalization.

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VAT User Guide Tips

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Visual Attention Therapy

Visual Attention Therapy

Retrain the brain with interactive cancellation exercises that help you assess and treat left neglect.


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