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Visual Attention Therapy helps people with visual neglect improve awareness of the neglected side of space.

Practicing scanning from left to right across a page helps retrain the brain to move the eyes correctly. Strengthening this essential skill improves reading, concentration, memory, attention to detail, and speed of processing.

Visual Attention Therapy uses traditional cancellation exercises with the added benefit that it doesn’t let the user make mistakes during Practice mode.

  • Use one or two targets scattered among similar or dissimilar letters and symbols
  • Bright signal line at edge of the screen draws attention to the neglected side
  • Timed exercises motivate users to work fast and race against past times
  • 12 settings for spacing and number of lines provides between 24 and 228 items on the screen
  • Results from Test mode indicate which quadrant is most often neglected
  • Available on Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store

Benefits for the Speech-Language Professional

  • Quick assessments with professional reports
  • • Test clients at any level with quadrants of neglect highlighted

  • Therapy trains clients to scan
  • • Audio and visual feedback with forced correct answers makes learning fast
    • Automation saves paper and time calculating errors

  • Target a variety of goals
  • • Treat left neglect, right inattention, working memory, visual memory or speed of processing

How to Use Visual Attention Therapy for Home Practice

Attention deficits can make it difficult to see things on one side of space, cause you to ignore important details, or make it hard to maintain focus. Visual Attention Therapy works to train the eyes and brain to work together to hold an idea in memory, work quickly to find it, and not miss a single one. Your speech or occupational therapist can help you figure out which settings and exercises are best for you, but if you are on your own, try this:

  • Start with the Test with only one of the middle levels selected.
  • If it’s too easy, try a harder level or 2 targets. If it’s too hard, try an easier level.
  • Fine-tune the difficulty in the Settings by adjusting the lines and spacing.
  • Use Practice to work on increasing speed and scanning.
  • E-mail your results to your therapist or a family member to share your progress.

What People are Saying about Visual Attention Therapy

Tactus Therapy continues to fill the void with their quality therapy apps. One needs a thick book full of similar paper-based activities in order to get as customized a visual attention task as possible. Did we find anything we didn’t love about the app? Nope. The app is fast and lightweight, is highly specific in its role in its app-life, and costs only $10. The bar is raised even further in therapy app development. Visual Attention Therapy is guaranteed to be one of those beautiful apps that, when you see it and try it out, will make you exclaim “Finally!” We were this close to hugging it, to be honest. Thanks for yet another amazing release, Tactus Therapy.
Carla, SLP,
Young children I have used this with seem to love practicing the scanning – since this concept is new to them, they see it as a fun challenge. As with all the other Tactus Therapy apps I’ve used, this one is easy to navigate. I love how this app can just as easily be used with a three-year-old who is just learning to read as it can be with an adult who is experiencing left neglect from a brain tumor. It takes a simple, familiar format and turns it into a dynamic, interactive tool with the ability to be age appropriate for anyone from preschoolers to elderly adults. If you work with any of the populations that would benefit from this app, I would highly recommend it.
Aubrey Taylor Klingensmith, SLP , Speechie Apps
Tactus Therapy Solutions are well-known in the app world for their high quality apps, catering to those with special needs. This app is no exception. Although this is a specialised app, it has a beautifully simple user interface that I had no problems navigating. I have two boys with ASD who both have tracking problems that make reading challenging. Although glasses help relieve eye tiredness, the actual therapy programs offered by behavioural optometrists are extremely expensive and time-consuming. At $9.99 Visual Attention Therapy is a great value alternative that offers proven results. This app ticks all the boxes for a special needs app.

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Platforms: iPad/iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch and Android tablets/phones

Goal Areas: Visual Scanning, Reading, Visual Attention, Sustained Attention, Working Memory

Helps: Left Neglect, Visuospatial Inattention, Hemianopsia, Unilateral Hemineglect, Right Neglect, Dyslexia, Slow Readers, Brain Injury, Stroke, RCVA

Languages: English

Version: 1.05

Price: $9.99 USD

Bundled in: Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools

Visual scanning tasks, including letter and symbol cancellation tasks, are some of the most evidence-based assessments and treatments for left neglect. Find some of the published peer-reviewed journal articles describing the evidence for this treatment linked here:

Jan 29, 2016            Version 1.07

  • Usability enhancements including level previews, instructional overlay, and Settings help
  • Test results are now shown on-screen

Jan 5, 2016            Version 1.06

  • Now a Universal app with a new optimized iPhone version
  • Use the signal in Test mode
  • New “Randomize Targets” setting for research
  • Fresh new look
  • Minor layout improvements and better Settings organization

Dec 15, 2014            Version 1.05

  • More style options for cancelled targets
  • Choose between 4 signal colors
  • Name changed from Visual Attention TherAppy to Visual Attention Therapy
  • Read more about this update in the press release and blog post

Sep 10, 2013            Version 1.04

  • Minor fixes

Jul 28, 2013            Version 1.03

  • Fix for users on iOS 4.3

Jul 9, 2013            Version 1.02

  • New setting added: maximize font

Sep 14, 2012            Version 1.01

  • Email address fix for reporting
  • Remove snowflake symbol

Aug 31, 2012            Visual Attention TherAppy Initial Release

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