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Apraxia Therapy helps people with aphasia, verbal apraxia, and autism who struggle to speak. By following along with the video model in an evidence-based hierarchy of steps, users can begin speaking more fluently with the repetitive practice needed to change the brain. This app provides high-quality VAST video to provide audio, visual, tactile, and written supports for speech.

Speak along with conversational phrases, automatic sequences, and multi-syllabic words at 3 different speeds, organized by difficulty. Practice each individual word on its own, or work on the whole production at once. Speech is recorded automatically and played back for immediate feedback for self-ratings.

Apraxia Therapy is combines so many elements of effective treatment together for intensive home practice and clinical use, with the ability to focus on just the parts you need. You’ll love the intuitive and responsive interface, e-mailed reports and recordings, and customizability.

  • Three activities: SequencesPhrases, and Long Words
  • Seven steps of treatment you can control
  • Functional phrases for conversation
  • Encourages independence & self-monitoring
  • Available on Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store

Benefits for the Speech-Language Professional

  • Amazing Home Program
  • • You can’t always be there to provide a model, but you can set up a great home program with this app.
    • Get reports and recordings straight from your client to monitor progress and practice habits.
    • Customize the targets, settings, and steps to be just right for each client.

  • Right for So Many Clients
  • • Mild apraxia? Check! Work on longer multi-syllabic words or faster rate.
    • Moderate apraxia? Yep. Longer phrases or sequences are just the right level.
    • Severe apraxia? You betcha. Shorter phrases, automatic sequences, and slower word-level practice.

  • More than Just Apraxia
  • • These treatment techniques work for non-fluent aphasia, autism, and dysprosodia.
    • Teach the tapping technique, oral reading, repetition, or slow rate with this app.

How to Use Apraxia Therapy for Home Practice

Does your loved one struggle to speak at all? They may need extra therapeutic support to overcome some of the faulty wiring in the brain that is stopping the words from flowing. By watching a video, repeating along with it, and tapping along, they may be able to produce some fluent speech. It may not be perfect, but practice with Apraxia Therapy can help.  Your speech therapist can help you figure out which settings and exercises are best for you, but if you are on your own, try this:

  • Start with Phrases on Level 1.
  • If it’s too easy, try a harder level of Phrases, or try Sequences.
  • If that’s too hard, try 2-syllable Long Words or only the Words step in Sequences.
  • The app will guide you through the steps and record you.
  • Work on just one target at a time in order of difficulty, then randomize them.
  • E-mail your reports and recordings to your therapist or a family member to share your progress.

What People are Saying about Apraxia Therapy

Our members with apraxia have great success using the VAST approach. Apraxia Therapy brings the VAST program to clinicians and home users in an app that easy to use, customize and records progress. Thanks for another great evidence-based Tactus app!
Suzanne Redmond, MA, CCC-SLP, Stroke Comeback Center
My clients have really enjoyed using this app. We love the customization that is available as the tasks can be made to be simple or more complex. Incorporating speech entrainment is also a very useful tool for my clients, particularly since it allows them to practice on their own.

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Need more Details?

Platforms: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod touch, Android tablets and Android phones

Goal Areas: Verbal Expression, Motor Speech, Prosody, Fluency

Helps: Non-Fluent Aphasia, Verbal Apraxia, Global Aphasia, Acquired Apraxia of Speech (AOS), Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Autism (ASD), Motor Speech Disorders, Minimally-Verbal People, Stroke, Brain Injury

Vocabulary: 5 Automatic Sequences, 110 Conversational Phrases, 60 Multi-syllabic Words

Language: English

Video: VAST by SpeakinMotion

Version: 1.03

Price: $24.99 USD

Bundled in: Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

Kershenbaum, A., Nicholas, M. L., Hunsaker, E., & Zipse, L. (2017). Speak along without the song: what promotes fluency in people with aphasia?Aphasiology, 1-24.

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Dec 05, 2015            Version 1.02

  • Minor improvements

Nov 16, 2015            Version 1.01

  • Minor fixes

Nov 08, 2015            Apraxia Therapy Initial Release

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Speech FlipBook Standard

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