Conversation Therapy


Engage in real-life discussions with pictures & questions that get people talking to practice communication strategies.

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Build confidence in communication using
the art of conversation!

So much of speech therapy focuses on communicating basic needs or functional vocabulary, but people really want to talk about their thoughts & feelings and share their experiences & ideas with others. So why not use conversation to help them do just that?

If your clients or a loved one have difficulty expressing themselves clearly, Conversation Therapy can help. Giving you plenty of engaging topics and questions to discuss, you can work on communication strategies in structured conversations you’ll both enjoy.

Conversation Therapy can be used to improve:






Answer thought-provoking questions about topics of interest using gestures, writing, drawing, words, sentences, devices, smooth or clear speech, organized thoughts, or socially-appropriate language. The goals and strategies are yours to decide once you get the conversation going.

See how much more motivating therapy becomes when you spark curiosity and reveal intelligence by talking about the things that matter most.

See Conversation Therapy In Action

30-Second Preview
Using the App
Severe Aphasia
30-Second Preview
Using the App
Severe Aphasia

Useful at Home, Essential at Work

Do you know your loved one so well you don’t even need to talk?

  • This app gives you new things to talk about so you can practice together
  • Discover what fun & meaningful discussions can feel like again
  • Train in your role as a listener and a partner – conversation takes two!

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Do you ever struggle to think of things to talk about in therapy?

  • Get your clients talking, then shape their speech with your treatment
  • Mature topics don’t talk down to adults and older kids
  • You’ll have thought-provoking stimuli at the ready for any goal

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Conversation Therapy

A wealth of materials inside!

A useful tool for any client working on oral or written expression, motor speech, pragmatics, or higher-order verbal reasoning. The stimulus materials are fantastic. It really is hard to overstate just how rich, dense, and engaging the content can be. If you have any need for some new tricks to get your clientele talking —and you do— Conversation Therapy is worth your while!

Will Farnham, SLP
Farnham Speech

One of the most thorough therapy apps yet!

The pictures are awesome. The topics are relevant. If you really want someone to talk, this app will provide you with detailed scenarios with lots of questions. This is the app that is going to pave the way for converting speech therapists to the digital age. Out with the old, outdated pictures and in with the new, relevant, and interactive app!

Ryan Knoblauch, SLP
The Speech Knob

This is a must have for all SLPs!!!!!

One of my favorite apps for therapy, I use it in the nursing home and with home health patients. It has age-appropriate conversation starters and questions applicable to most patients. It makes it easier to facilitate conversation in therapy in place of generating your own conversations. And I don’t need to be connected to the internet to use the app!  

5-Star App Store Review

I absolutely love Conversation Therapy! 

I’m an SLP and have been looking for different apps to target a variety of skills including those related to motor speech, comprehension, expression and verbal problem solving.  This app fits the bill on all of those skills and much more.  I highly recommend it to other clinicians.  The pictures are top quality, the app is intuitive and easy to navigate and extremely thorough. 

Jessica Danley, SLP
Ozark Speech Pathologist

Top 5 apps for Autism in High School

Conversation Therapy moves beyond predictable scripted responses. Perfect for use in a social skills group or with a peer buddy. Kids will enjoy the freedom to express themselves with their own words. The chance to try new ways of thinking and conversing in a controlled setting will build confidence to take a more active role in real world discussions. 

Jill Goodman

A new favorite in my SLP bag of tricks

I am very impressed with its design, power, and the possibilities it inspires. I tried to identify weaknesses, but I couldn’t find any! Every detail was there: reporting, customization of content, individual/group flexibility. I especially love the groups feature and have been inspired to provide a new service in my private practice! The price tag is a bargain.

Cyndee Bowen, SLP
Bowen Speech 

Fabulous for developing and practicing conversational skills!

Unlike other apps that work on receptive skills, this app truly targets expressive ability. Engaging photos and prompts allow the learner to explore a variety of conversational skills. I use this app with my students with autism to encourage them to go beyond requesting so they can learn how to describe, answer questions, and comment. 

5-Star App Store Review

I find myself using this app more and more

My patients find the topics and photos very engaging, practical, and interesting. The questions provide opportunities to work on a variety of language skills ranging from single word responses to conversational exchanges, and even sentence-level writing. It provides a nice extension to the Naming Therapy app as patients move to more complex constructions. 

5-Star App Store Review

Great app for lots of speech goals

I love Conversation Therapy! The way it’s designed really lets you accomplish many goals. I’ve used it as conversation starters, but the variety of prompts provided really gives you many options. Also the pictures and prompts are targeted to adults, helping to preserve dignity in the therapy process by not forcing them to use things that are too childish. 

SLP Student
5-Star App Store Review

One of the finest Tactus apps ever!

Heavy on features and flexible with all its customization options, one need not hesitate in using it with any client. It does its job and it does it so well. You will use Conversation Therapy over and over and over again. We ended up using Conversation Therapy with all of our school-age kids as well as with our adult clients with stuttering, aphasia, dementia, and verbal apraxia.

Carla Cuadro, SLP

Just what we’ve been asking for!

Conversation Therapy is a high-quality app that focuses on pragmatic and problem-solving skills for students’ ages nine and up. Conversation Therapy is AWESOME! It will be used regularly in my program, as it is so versatile and appealing to the older students. It is extremely easy to use and uses real photographs so it doesn’t appear childish. Fantastic!!

Jean Hendrickson, SLP

What You’ll Get in
Conversation Therapy

Thousands of questions on hundreds of topics that engage people in conversation

Run groups of up to 4 people at a time with separate scoring

Individual sessions start quickly with 1-on-1

Easier questions are on the left: Describe, Define, Remember, Decide, & Feel

Harder questions are on the right: Infer, Predict, Narrate, Evaluate, & Brainstorm

Adjust the app with 10 different languages, content filtered by age group, and scoring sounds

11 Categories cover the most frequently-discussed areas of life – including useful “Safety & Problems” for cognitive rehab

Remove any topic you don’t want to appear or move it to a different age filter

Hide any question’s text by tapping the button again, or hear it read aloud by touching the speaker button

Add names to run group sessions

Personalize which questions each person sees

Professional reports for you to e-mail, print, or save

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy Lite

Download Conversation Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of the full version. The Lite version allows you to try both single and group play with a limited number of topics.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of Conversation Therapy. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed this app, or request a free PDF user guide containing these tips be sent directly to your inbox!

Set a Goal

Pick a target behavior for the user, then score how well they do it, rather than the content of the answer.

Scoring Options

No matter the goal, you can mark any user’s response as correct (green), approximate/cued (yellow), or incorrect (red). Score the target behavior – not necessarily the answer. The scoring sounds can be turned off or minimized.

Group Scoring

Activating the tab for each user shows only the questions selected for that person. But you can score any member of the group at any time. This lets all people feel their answers have been heard and recorded.

Hide the Question

Touch any question button to reveal the question, then touch it again to hide the question and show the question type. This lets you make up your own question.


Deselect all question types on the Settings tab or for each user to see only the pictures without any question prompts, with scoring still available.

Filter the Content

Select All Ages or Teen + in the Settings to filter out more adult-themed content. Touch Customize to turn certain topics off or change the minimum age level.

Don’t Forget to Download Your

Get the most out of this app when you have all the power user tips & step-by-step instructions. Fill out the form so we can send your free PDF user guide straight to your inbox!

Conversation User Guide Tips preview

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Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy

Engage in real-life discussions with pictures & questions that get people talking to practice communication strategies.


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