Tactus Therapy Solutions specializes in apps for adult rehab, bringing evidence-based therapy to the touch-screen with respectful and intuitive design. Our apps feature automated scoring, email reports, full-color photos, functional vocabulary, self-cueing, and simple navigation. See for yourself – with Lite versions available for nearly all of our apps, you are encouraged to try before you buy. We’re sure you’re going to love what you see and want more.

Language TherAppy

Language TherAppy combines our 4 language apps into 1 complete speech therapy toolkit. Comprehension, Naming, Writing, & Reading TherAppy are now together at a 30% discount to you! The same core functional vocabulary organized by category runs across these 2 receptive and 2 expressive apps. Built-in cues, hierarchies, languages, and customization options make these apps versatile for assessment, therapy, home practice, and telepractice. Try all 4 apps for FREE by downloading Language TherAppy Lite! More Info

Comprehension TherAppy targets auditory and reading comprehension of single words in 4 languages.  Designed to help people with receptive aphasia and alexia, it is also a valuable tool to treat attention and other cognitive deficits. 3 user-friendly modes include Listen, Read, and Listen&Read to target individualized goals.  The app automatically adjusts difficulty based on performance, allowing for independent massed practice. Built-in scoring and a results summary that can be e-mailed to the therapist in copy&paste report format makes therapy easy!  Over 700 nouns, verbs, and adjectives with full-color photographs, recorded voice, and clear text! More Info

Naming TherAppy uses evidence-based therapy techniques to practice confrontation naming to help people with anomia, aphasia, and other word-finding deficits. A Practice mode features a built-in hierarchy of cues and self-scoring while the Describe mode allows for circumlocution practice with question prompts. A Flashcard mode allows you to create the task for nouns, verb activities, and there’s even a brief “Test” mode for a non-standardized screening of naming ability. Scoring is done by the user, and results can be emailed in report-ready format. Over 500 nouns and full customization with high-quality photographs and recorded voice. Now available on Android! More Info

Writing TherAppy provides clinicians and clients with over 500 words and unlimited custom words to practice spelling using 4 different exercises with 3 levels of difficulty. Using familiar letter tiles, users are able to rearrange letters until they are ready to check their answer after selecting from a limited choice or full alphabet. With hints available at every level, clients can practice independently and achieve success. Fill-in-the-blank, copying, written naming, and writing to dictation are all included in this literacy app available in UK and US English. More Info

Reading TherAppy is a customizable digital workbook, providing hundreds of reading comprehension activities at the phrase and sentence levels. With picture stimuli, users identify the phrase or sentence to match amongst carefully crafted foils. Text-based modes allow phrase and sentence completion. Scoring is automated and results can be e-mailed in professional reports. As a bridge from the single words of Comprehension TherAppy to the paragraphs and functional materials needed for independent living, Reading TherAppy provides clinicians and clients with valuable stimuli for independent practice and learning. More Info

Question TherAppy

Question TherAppyQuestion TherAppy combines 2 question-focused apps into 1 value bundle. Asking TherAppy & Answering TherAppy work on both sides of interrogatives for all levels of users. Yes/No & Wh- questions are covered in both apps, starting with personal yes/no questions and working up through asking well-formed & specific requests for information & clarification.  User profiles, customization, built-in hints, audio for all questions & answers & detailed data collection & storage make these apps infinitely useful in the clinic, school, hospital or home. Try both apps for FREE by downloading Question TherAppy Lite! More Info

Asking TherAppy for iPad for AphasiaAsking TherAppy features 4 unique activities to work on asking yes/no & Wh- questions. Often people with aphasia & other communication difficulties will only answer, or ask questions by suggesting the answer they might hear. Now they can learn the difference between each Wh question word and learn the correct word order for Yes/No questions to ask directly for the information they need to know. Three modes of response make this app highly adaptable for so many abilities, both to cover a whole caseload and to grow with each user as they improve. Try it for FREE by downloading Question TherAppy Lite!  More Info

Answering TherAppy App for Aphasia TherapyAnswering TherAppy stands alone amongst question-answering apps for language therapy, offering 12 different types of Wh- questions, 7 levels of Yes/No questions & total customization! Using high-quality automated speech, this app asks personal orientation questions to target date, time, names, family, location, age & more! User profiles save settings for each user, making it easy to adjust the difficulty & presentation on the go. So many options: answer using receptive or expressive response modes; focus on reading or auditory comprehension; add your own questions!  Try this app for FREE by downloading Question TherAppy Lite! More Info

Conversation TherAppy

ConversationConversation TherAppy gets people talking! Now you can use this professional speech therapy app to target higher-level expressive language, pragmatic, problem-solving, speech & cognitive-communication goals for older children, teens and adults! With over 300 real photographs & 10 questions each, this app gives you 3000+ questions to stimulate discussion. Combine that with user profiles, group play, and customization, and you get an incredibly useful tool for therapy! Using topics relevant to everyday life and current events, this app is designed to be used by a responsible adult who can guide users to questions appropriate to their cognitive, social, and emotional needs while providing therapy to help them improve their communication. Try it for FREE with Conversation TherAppy Lite! More Info

Speech FlipBook

flipbookicon65Speech FlipBook is an essential and affordable tool for all Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers, and parents. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to practice speech, phonics, and reading in this 3-part flip book with onset, nucleus, and coda to create nearly any single-syllable word in English! Apraxia of speech, articulation disorders, dysarthria, and phonological awareness are just a few of the targets of this app perfect for children and adults. Stop lugging around books of words – the words are now at your fingertips in whichever configuration you need. It’s never been easier to generate the specific word lists you need. It’s fun to flip the sounds to learn and practice with this talking flip book focused on speech sounds! More Info

Category TherAppy

Category TherAppy is a powerful semantic and reasoning app, spanning 3 levels of difficulty, 4 common category activities, and nearly 700 words & 70 categories. Perfect for working on more advanced receptive skills with clients who are non-verbal or have difficulty with expression, this app can be adjusted in so many ways to meet nearly every category goal. For higher-level goals, two modes target inferencing with hints available for independent use. Go back to discuss answers or skip ahead – you’re in control of this app. Try it for FREE with Category TherAppy Lite! More Info

Visual Attention TherAppy

Visual Attention TherAppy is an adjustable training tool for reading, dyslexia, neglect, and other attentional deficits. Race against the clock to find all the targets amongst similar or dissimilar letters and symbols. Use two targets to increase demands on memory and focus; adjust the lines and spacing to meet each user’s skills, vision, and dexterity. A red, yellow, or flashing line can draw attention to the Left or Right for those with unilateral neglect. Test and Practice modes both offer email score reports. Try it for FREE with Visual Attention TherAppy Lite! More Info

Spaced Retrieval TherAppy

Spaced Retrieval TherAppy is an expanded interval timer with independent data-tracking and timing of up to 3 targets. The spaced retrieval memory training technique is proven to work with people with dementia, aphasia, and other brain impairments as well as for normal learners! This handy app takes the complicated timing (doubling and halving intervals) and data collection out of your hands so you can focus on the therapy. More Info

All of our apps participate in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for educational institutions. Put these apps on every iPad in your classroom or in every school in your district for half price!