Language Therapy 4-in-1


Boost speaking, listening, reading, and writing for words with a scientifically proven speech therapy app for people with aphasia.

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Speed recovery from a stroke
with four apps in one

Language Therapy 4-in-1 is a professional speech therapy app that targets all four areas of spoken and written language at the word level, combining these four unique apps into one powerful app at a 25% discount:

Research shows that using this app for just 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks can significantly improve chronic aphasia. Add your own words and pictures, or use the hundreds included in each app in English, Spanish, French, and German

Find out why this is our most popular app when you download it for yourself!

See Language Therapy In Action

30-Second Preview
App Demo
Severe Aphasia
30-Second Preview
App Demo
Severe Aphasia

Practice at Home or Use at Work

Progress doesn’t have to stop just because therapy ends

  • Use for at least 20 minutes daily to get the intensity you need to improve
  • Built-in recommendations point you to the next steps 

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Treatment plans & home programs have never been easier

  • Use evidence-based treatments for moderate-severe aphasia
  • Data and reports are automatic, leaving you free to teach and cue

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Language Therapy

All the tools we need!

As a speech-language therapist working in a range of hospital settings, I find this app so useful! I can use it anywhere without needing an armful of therapy materials.

5-Star App Store Review

This app is a life saver!

These 4 apps assist me with targeting the resident’s goals, while still keeping my productivity high. It targets everything! What an awesome app!

5-Star App Store Review

Thank you Tactus!

This app is the closest imitation of my husband’s speech therapist. It is also very easy to use, even for a person with a cognitive deficit.

Wife of a stroke survivor
5-Star App Store Review

Excellent app!

It’s intuitive & easy to use. The customized lists tailor the exercises to the individual. It’s particularly helpful for home practice. This software company has a patient-centered mission. 

5-Star App Store Review

Love the full version!

I used the lite version for a long time, but I wanted to use it more extensively with patients with aphasia. The patients love the pictures and the speaker is great!

5-Star App Store Review

Usefulness: 10 out of 10

My 86-year-old mom tried this app after a severe stroke. She simply couldn’t comprehend; it was a shattering revelation. Six weeks later, there is a dramatic & measurable difference. To her, it’s a fun game. I highly recommend this app for the rehab potential, ease of use, & clean look.

Daughter of Stroke Survivor & RN
5-Star App Store Review

Nice, easy app to use 

My father’s speech therapist used this app, so we bought it. He enjoys doing the activities, which is helping to improve his lifestyle after the stroke. You can keep track of progress and set the difficulty. 

Son of a stroke survivor with aphasia
App Store Review

Wonderful set of apps! 

Useful for language and communication skills with both students and adults! You can trust Tactus to make quality apps! Recommended!

Helen Wager, SLP
5-Star App Store Review

Totally worth the money!

Lots of very relevant stimuli and easy to adapt to various levels for aphasia. Love that I don’t have to lug around several books and make tons of copies to treat my patients. Love it!

5-Star App Store Review

Fantastic app! 

This is my “go to” for therapy. I have used this app for both adults and children. It can be adapted in so many different ways. Definitely worth getting to use in your therapy toolbox.

5-Star App Store Review

Highly recommended! 

The quality and variety of the photo stimuli are terrific. Being a huge proponent of the value of homework between sessions, I love that I can set up my patients’ iPads to let them easily email their results to me.

5-Star App Store Review

I use this app most therapy days

It’s a great suite of apps. My clients love the pics and having materials that are suited to their age, and I love the built-in calculations and patient supports!

5-Star App Store Review

What You’ll Get in
Language Therapy

Four apps provide thousands of speech therapy exercises for independent or guided use

All 4 apps contain: the same core set of professional photos, distraction-free backgrounds, clear feedback, & hints

Every app lets you personalize your exercises, gives you recommendations, & creates detailed reports

Practice understanding words with 3 activities to improve listening & reading:

  1. Listen: Hear a word & select the picture
  2. Read: See a word & touch the photo
  3. Listen & Read: Hear a word & find the same printed word

Customize the app to any level:

  • Difficulty: how related the concepts are
  • Field Size: how many choices there are, from 2 to 6, or auto-adjust
  • Categories: 10 categories of nouns, plus verbs & adjectives

Improve word-finding skills with 4 activities targeting verbal expression:

  1. Naming Practice: Say what you see, using a cueing hierarchy to help
  2. Describe: Analyze the meaning and sounds of a pictured word 
  3. Naming Test: Quickly assess naming skills in a fixed-order screener
  4. Flashcards: Design your own therapy tasks with a flexible picture deck

Build independence using the cues. Never before have people with aphasia been able to decide when & which cues they receive.

Evidence-based treatments like SFA, PCA, & RET are easy with this app.

Add your own photos to name your family members, pets, favourite foods, or whatever matters to you.

Read phrases & sentences in 4 activities designed for adult rehab:

  1. Phrase Matching
  2. Phrase Completion
  3. Sentence Matching
  4. Sentence Completion

Adjustable to improve as you do:

  • 2, 3, or 4 options
  • Audio supports as hints
  • Read aloud for extra practice

Spell without writing with 4 activities that use letter tiles:

  1. Fill in the Blank: Put in the missing letter
  2. Copy: See the word as you spell it
  3. Spell What You See: Written naming tasks
  4. Spell What You Hear: Write to dictation

Three difficulties give you just the letters you need, a few extra, or the full alphabet

Choose how many letters the words have to make it easier or harder

Drag and drop or tap the letters into place with sounds to guide you

Check your work yourself, then submit it to have the app check your accuracy

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Language Therapy 4-in-1

Language Therapy Lite

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Language Therapy 4-in-1

Language Therapy 4-in-1

Boost speaking, listening, reading, & writing for words with a scientifically proven speech therapy app for people with aphasia.


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Language Therapy 4-in-1

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