Professional Apps for Speech Therapy

Apps for ALL AGES for Rehabilitation & Education
  • Question TherAppy

    Question TherAppy combines 2 apps in 1 in a money-saving bundle! Combining Answering TherAppy with Asking TherAppy, both sides of yes/no & wh questions are fully explored & exercised in this comprehensive app. Flexible settings, user profiles & extensive audio make these apps adaptable for any user or therapy setting. … [continue reading]

    Question TherAppy
  • Conversation TherAppy

    Conversation TherAppy gets people talking! Now you can use this professional speech therapy app to target higher-level expressive language, pragmatic, problem-solving, speech & cognitive-communication goals for older children, teens and adults! With over 300 real photographs & 10 questions each, this app gives you 3000+ questions to stimulate discussion. Combine that with user profiles, group play, and customization, and you get an incredibly useful tool for therapy! … [continue reading]

    Conversation TherAppy
  • Speech FlipBook

    Speech FlipBook is an essential and affordable tool for all Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers, and parents, and it's FREE to try! It's as easy as 1-2-3 to practice speech, phonics, and reading in this 3-part flip book with onset, nucleus, and coda to create nearly any single-syllable word in English! Apraxia of speech, articulation disorders, dysarthria, and phonological awareness are just a few of the targets of this app perfect for children and adults.  … [continue reading]

    Speech FlipBook
  • Category Therapy

    Category Therapy is the most powerful and comprehensive app available for teaching categorization skills for speech therapy, special education, and stroke rehab. Four activities target category identification, sorting, adding, and exclusion across three levels of concrete and abstract categories. This app is so versatile with hundreds of clear images, all paired with recorded audio & text, to create literally thousands of unique exercises. … [continue reading]

    Category Therapy
  • Language TherAppy

    Language TherAppy is a bundle of 4 great apps in 1. Combining the receptive exercises of Comprehension TherAppy and Reading TherAppy with the expressive training of Naming TherAppy and Writing TherAppy, you get four of our best-selling language apps for aphasia and special needs in one convenient and cost-saving comprehensive app.  … [continue reading]

    Language TherAppy