Speech Therapy in Your Hands

Imagine what you can do by having more control of the speech therapy experience

We’ve been dreaming about this day—when stroke survivors feel empowered to direct their own recovery, and SLPs can use technology to ease their workload to focus more on their clients. By giving you the control over which exercises to use, where to use them, how to use them, and when to practice, our mobile touch-screen apps truly become speech therapy in your hands.

  • Get There Faster

    Whether it’s starting a session or working toward recovery goals, using our speech therapy apps can get you there faster. Having immediate access to interesting stimuli set in evidence-based therapy exercises means more repetitions, better engagement, and the best results.

  • Do What’s Most Important

    Our speech therapy apps provide everything you need for quality therapy programs— beautiful photos, hints and cues when you need them, customization ability, and scoring and reporting where appropriate. And nothing you don’t need.

  • Collaboratively or Independently

    While the path to recovery may take many twists and turns, your therapy should adapt to your needs at any given time. Our assortment of speech therapy apps offers many therapy options, suited for working with a professional or care partner or on your own.

  • Whenever and Wherever You Want

    Our speech therapy apps go wherever you do. Creating a progressive rehabilitative program, you can take speech therapy with you from the hospital room, to the rehab clinic, to the community or wherever life takes you.

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The Tactus Therapy Difference

Clean Design

Distraction-free interface with beautiful full-color photographs and real human voices. Controls are just where you need them with easy one-touch accessibility.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Scientifically proven techniques are the key to better outcomes. Our speech therapy apps are based on published evidence from peer-reviewed journals.

Respectful to Adults

Adults with acquired impairments shouldn’t have to use childish speech therapy apps to recover lost abilities. We understand that, so we create apps designed for older users.

Professional Reports

Easily see progress with data sent right to your inbox after each session. SLPs will save time on documentation by pasting the professional report into their charts.

Customizable Activities

Work on the words that matter to you at a level that challenges but doesn’t frustrate. Functional, personalized, and graded activities make excellent home programs.

A Full Range of Apps

Use just the apps you need, as long as you need them. Our growing catalog of speech therapy apps works for so many goals and abilities. No subscriptions or ongoing costs.

Suitable for Healthcare

We respect your privacy, so we don’t collect or transmit any names or personal data. This makes it easy to comply with privacy laws using our speech therapy apps. No Wi-Fi required.

Friendly Support

Our small team is committed to customer satisfaction. We offer fast, helpful replies to your questions. The website is full of education and resources to help you as well.

What People Are Saying About Tactus Therapy

Tactus Therapy apps are wonderful! I find myself using them daily in therapy with adults as well as children who have a wide variety of language learning challenges. They are a great extension to traditional speech therapy techniques and make it much easier for families to practice at home with guidance about the most appropriate way to configure the apps. They are well worth it!
Joan Green, MA, CCC-SLP, Innovative Speech Therapy
While I’ve downloaded quite a number of iPad applications to assist with my husband’s stroke recovery, the Tactus Therapy apps are the only ones he wants to use. The ease of the user interface is simple enough for him to use the apps on his own. He loves to watch his score as he gets the answers correct and is so proud of his progress. All of his doctors are amazed at his progress and say his level of recovery with his speech is nothing short of miraculous.
Debra W., wife of a stroke survivor

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Less Stress, More Productivity

Certified speech-language pathologist Fabi Hirsch Kruse (far right) credits Tactus Therapy apps for maximizing the time she can spend working with patients on communication recovery methods and minimizing time spent on paperwork.

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Directing her Recovery

Jennifer Swaren is a stroke survivor living with aphasia. With the help of Tactus Therapy apps, she is regaining her speech, her confidence, and her independence.

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