How to Buy - Tactus Therapy

Purchasing Our Apps

All our apps are available directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, just like the other apps on your phone or tablet. We do not sell our apps directly. We license our software to Apple and Google to sell on our behalf. You can pay using a credit card or gift card.

Use our App Finder to figure out which apps you’d like to try or buy or find the apps you want on our Apps page.

Touch the Try for Free button to download the Lite version of any app, or click the Buy Now button for the full version.

If you’re on your mobile device, this will take you to the App Store or Play Store to download the app. All payment information is processed through the app store on your device and is associated with your Apple ID or Google ID.

The app will download to your device. Any Lite apps you have downloaded will remain on your device when you buy the full version, so look for a new icon that does not say Lite.

TIP: Delete the Lite app after you purchase the full version to avoid confusion.

If you are browsing apps on a laptop or desktop computer: you can see the web preview of the app, but you cannot download our apps to a computer – you will need a mobile device on the iOS (Apple) or Android (Google) operating system. Our apps do not work on Kindle/Fire devices, Microsoft Surface tablets, or other non Apple/Android devices.

If you have the Lite version on your device: go to the home screen of the app and touch Buy Now to be taken to the app store to the full version. TIP: Delete the Lite app after you purchase the full version to avoid confusion.

If you’re still not sure, there are more detailed help articles available for Apple and Google.

Have questions about purchase orders, receipts, invoices, gifts, or bundles? Search our Help Center to find your answer.