Not sure where to begin with using apps in speech therapy? Start with our Getting Started guide and other helpful posts, links, and downloads.
Get inspired by reading how these speech-language pathologists, clients, and families are using Tactus Therapy apps to improve their speech therapy.
Lists of the best apps for adults, client handouts, educational slides, and other useful free downloads for you.
App guides, reviews, education, support, and therapy tips for aphasia and acquired apraxia of speech. A goldmine of resources!
Find out what dysarthria is, along with app reviews and therapy guides for motor speech and voice disorders.
What is a cognitive-communication disorder? What is left neglect? Find out, along with app and therapy guides.
Swallowing disorders also have apps and evidence maps to help clinicians assess and treat them better.
Start here if you’re looking for information about a brain attack, cerebrovascular attack (CVA), or brain hemorrhage.
Start here if you’re looking for information about traumatic brain injury (TBI), closed head injury (CHI), or acquired brain injury (ABI).
Start here if you’re looking for information about Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, or ALS.

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