What is Dysphagia?

What exactly is dysphagia? What causes it? What should you do if you have it? Find out here!



We are very excited to announce a brand new app called Dysphagia Therapy to help clinicians navigate their options for managing and rehabilitating swallowing disorders. Dysphagia Therapy, available now for iPhone and iPad, will quickly become an indispensable tool for speech-language pathologists helping adults overcome disorders of deglutition.

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Megan Sutton, SLP, of Tactus Therapy reviewed several of her most-used apps on the Speaking of Apps blog for Advance. Read about dyspahgia apps here:

Education & Support

Dysphagia Café’s mission is to be a quality, consistent, reliable and easily accessible resource community for every dysphagia clinician worldwide. Jonathan Waller, SLP, generates and promotes original evidence-based content by global leaders in dysphagia research and practice on this stand-out blog.

Read a Tactus Therapy guest blog post: 5 Things I Learned While Creating a Dysphagia Therapy App

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SLP and Dysphagia Therapy app author Tiffani Wallace writes a helpful blog about swallowing disorders and treatment for clinicians. Offering awareness, education, and ideas, this is a blog worth following for all things swallowing.

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Therapy Guides

Don’t have time to keep up with all the latest evidence? ASHA has made it easy to keep your practice evidence-based with this handy map of the evidence for treating dysphagia.