Visual Attention TherAppy

Visual Attention TherAppy is an adjustable training tool for reading, dyslexia, neglect, and other attentional deficits. Race against the clock to find all the targets amongst similar or dissimilar letters and symbols. Use two targets to increase demands on memory and focus; adjust the lines and spacing to meet each user’s skills, vision, and dexterity. A red, yellow, or flashing line can draw attention to the Left or Right for those with unilateral neglect. Test and Practice modes both offer email score reports. Use this app to target pre-reading skills, attention, memory, visual tracking, or neglect.

Visual Attention TherAppy Lite gives you a free trial, allowing access to 1 level in both Test and Practice modes for 1 or 2 targets. Try out the various attention-grabbing signals and e-mail results! Download for FREE!

The Basics:

Platforms: iPad only
Goal Areas: Visual Scanning, Reading, Visual Attention, Sustained Attention, Memory
Helps: Left Neglect, Hemianopsia, Unilateral Inattention, Right Neglect, Dyslexia, Slow Readers, Brain Injury, Stroke, Pre-reading students
Languages: English
Version: 1.01
Price: $9.99 USD

Two Ways to Play:

  • Test mode for screening attention skills

  • Practice mode for scanning in order

  • Optional signal on Practice mode for neglect

Settings Put You in Control:

  • Adjust lines and spacing as well as signal type

  • Choose how many trials to complete

  • Child-Friendly setting disables links

  • Once settings are set, use for home practice

10 Levels of Difficulty:

  • Letters, Symbols, or Mixed

  • Similar or dissimilar targets and foils

  • Choose exactly which levels to complete

  • Pick 1 or 2 targets per exercise

Test Mode:

  • Touch each target in any order

  • Indicate when you’re done

  • Report highlights patterns of neglect

Practice Mode:

  • Left-to-right scanning for reading skills

  • Multiple targets work memory skills

  • Signal visible on the left or right if selected

  • Complete each task or skip ahead

Evidence-Supported & Data-Driven:

  • Easily track progress and results over time with email reports

  • Rehabilitation units will need this app to treat hemineglect

  • Perfect for SLP, OT, Reading & Special Needs Teachers for children on IEP

Read for yourself about this published technique that works:

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