Imagine walking into a session with just your tablet and knowing that you’re ready for whatever you see.

When you use Tactus Therapy apps, you’ll feel confident that you have the tools you need to deliver evidence-based and effective speech therapy. You’ll have reliable apps that provide engaging stimuli for your sessions, and the home practice your clients need to improve.

You don’t want another workbook. We get it. These apps have been designed by a speech-language pathologist like you, based on the techniques that have been shown to work, with the flexibility required to treat a wide range of clients and abilities.

Outsource the repetitive tasks to the apps, and deliver the kind of therapy only you can provide.

Our apps are about giving you the speech therapy tools you need to teach strategies, promote independence, and work on personally-meaningful goals – and about giving your clients a motivating home program to promote neuroplastic recovery.  

Using Tactus Therapy apps means you don’t have to worry about what stimuli you’re going to present or keep tallies for your report. It means you’re free to be the amazing clinician you are, delivering person-centered care that helps your clients reach their goals.

Spend more time helping people communicate. We’ll help with the rest.

Flexible settings allow you to adjust to your clients’ needs and personalize the therapy

Beautiful photos that are clear & engaging with topics ideal for adults & older students

Feedback, scoring, & data collection are built-in to allow you to focus on your client

Professional reports are automatically generated to track results & progress

Work efficiently. Get better outcomes. Make a difference.

It’s easy to get started:

1) Use the Tactus App Finder wizard

Answer a few questions about your work setting or client in a quick online quiz for personalized recommendations

2) Download the apps recommended for you

Try the free Lite apps & read about the clinical tools, then get the professional apps you need

3) Start integrating these apps into your clinical practice

Save time, get faster results, and flex your clinical skills when you have the right tools for the job

Find Your Apps

speech therapy student learning about treatment and speech therapist using digital therapy materials

A quick guide to 15 evidence-based treatments for improving verbal expression in aphasia

Have you tried… everything? Improve your patient outcomes when you use techniques & tools that are known to work. Download this free list of the top evidence-based treatments that will help your patients do what they want to do most: talk.

“What a valuable resource! It will remind you of all the options when you or your client get stuck and you’re not sure what to try next.”

Stephanie Harvey, SLP at Hello SpeechWorks

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Just user-friendly speech therapy tools that work the way you do.