Imagine you could help your loved one communicate better– just by giving them the right tools.

Losing the ability to clearly express your ideas after a stroke or brain injury is devastating. And not just for the person who survived, but also for the loved ones. Fortunately, speech therapy can help.

But even if you’re lucky enough to get into rehab, there’s rarely enough time. The specialized exercises must be repeated every day, and not everyone has access to speech therapy. You deserve more.

Ease the struggle of communication after a stroke.
Get faster results using Tactus Therapy at home.

Interactive & Motivating

It’s like having a therapist in your device, giving you feedback & measuring your progress

Affordable & Convenient

Get the practice you need from the comfort of home on your schedule & within your budget

Each Tactus Therapy app is designed by an expert speech-language pathologist – based on researched techniques & years of clinical practice. We know what you need to improve.

Speech therapy at home is easy:

1) Use the Tactus App Finder wizard

Answer a few questions about what you want to improve to get personalized recommendations

2) Download the apps for your recovery

Try the free Lite apps, then buy only the apps that fit your needs & abilities

3) Use the apps daily for best results

Exercise 20 minutes a day or more using your Tactus apps to rebuild communication skills

Find Your Apps

stroke caregiver and stroke survivor with aphasia exercising with apps on an iPad

50 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Loved One with Aphasia

Tips for speech therapy at home

Get this valuable list of tips delivered to your inbox so you’ll feel confident you’re doing everything you can to help the person in your life who is struggling to communicate.

This is a great resource! I especially like the tips on self-advocacy & making the most of time together. These are areas that SLPs don’t always remember to include, but are so important. This concise resource gives functional suggestions you can put into action right away!”

Katie McGinty, SLP

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You won’t give up. We understand.

Today’s scientists are discovering amazing things about neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to heal, even years after a stroke. We’re harnessing the power of repetition, intensive practice, motivation, & hope and using technology to deliver these tools for recovery to you to get speech therapy at home.

Using Tactus Therapy apps means your progress isn’t limited by therapy caps or weekly sessions – you can practice as much as you want, whenever you want. And you can personalize & customize these apps to target what matters most to you.

Take control of your recovery with apps that are recommended & trusted by top speech therapists around the world. Progress is always possible.

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Another breakthrough with these apps!

Even though my brother had absolutely no experience with an iPad or the Tactus programs, he was immediately engaged and started exploring whatever he could. The programs are effective in very concrete and measurable ways. My brother has progressed from being nearly speechless 63 days ago to constructing complete sentences with Naming Therapy. Today he actually had a phone conversation with his nephew. Amazing!

Shirley M.
Sister of a man with aphasia

All rehab facilities should have your apps!

Thank you so much for your apps!!! I just can’t say enough about them—they are such a great tool for me to use with my husband who recently suffered a brain injury. Your apps have helped so much. As you know time is of the essence with TBI, so having your apps at my disposal is amazing for me. I am there with him all day anyway, and now we can do something productive. The speech therapist at the hospital was so impressed.

Rebecca M.
Wife of a TBI survivor

The most progress he’s made in his rehab in 6 years

My husband uses quite a few Tactus apps, and they have been wonderful. He works on them daily. It honestly has made such a difference in his speech, comprehension, reading, & organization. I have seen such an improvement in his skills & self-esteem, and I know it’s due to speech therapy & your programs. Because his speech is improving all the time, his self-confidence is also improving. It has also given him the challenge & drive to keep trying. Thank you so much for your amazing work! 

Esther Rich
Wife of a stroke survivor with aphasia

Helps my husband tremendously!

While I’ve downloaded quite a number of apps to assist with my husband’s stroke recovery, the Tactus Therapy apps are the only ones he wants to use. They’re simple enough for him to use on his own. He loves to watch his score go up and is so proud of his progress. All of his doctors are amazed at his progress and say his level of recovery with his speech is nothing short of miraculous.

Debra W.
Wife of a stroke survivor

No subscriptions. No log-ins. No Wi-Fi. No privacy concerns.

Just user-friendly, affordable speech therapy exercises that help people get better.