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We have a wide range of apps for speech therapy to cover many goals and abilities. To find the speech therapy apps that are right for you, select the word at the top of the grid that best matches what you’re looking for. Click on the app to learn more about it.

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Advanced Language Therapy

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Keep the recovery going in this advanced 4-in-1 value toolkit for aphasia.

  • For people who need to work on higher-level language skills
  • Advanced apps for the clinic or home to help with aphasia recovery

Language Therapy

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Improve each modality of language in this 4-in-1 value toolkit for aphasia.

  • For people who need to work on several skills or with many people
  • Evidence-based apps for the clinic or home proven to improve aphasia
  • Languages:

Apraxia Therapy

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Practice speaking with VAST video modeling in this multi-modal speech therapy app.

  • For people with apraxia, aphasia, or autism
  • Video support helps to overcome motor planning problems for fluent speech

Advanced Naming Therapy

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Take your word-finding therapy to the next level.

  • For people with aphasia or cognitive-communication problems
  • 4 unique activities for higher-level expressive language

Advanced Comprehension Therapy

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Take your understanding to the next level.

  • For adults with aphasia or children with language disorders
  • 3 fun activities for sentence-level understanding

Advanced Writing Therapy

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Take your writing to the next level.

  • For adults with agraphia
  • Functional writing exercises at all levels

Advanced Reading Therapy

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Take your reading to the next level.

  • For adults after stroke or TBI
  • 3 levels of reading passages with questions

Conversation Therapy

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Improve language, pragmatics, speech & thinking with stimulating conversation.

  • For people who have difficulty expressing ideas clearly
  • Versatile app can be used to target nearly any goal in guided practice
  • Languages:

Dysphagia Therapy

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Navigate swallowing treatment options and information.

  • For medical clinicians working with swallowing disorders
  • Therapy finder with handouts for home practice

Visual Attention Therapy

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Practice visual scanning from left to right, top to bottom to help with left neglect.

  • For people with hemi-neglect, poor attention, or speed of processing
  • Two-part app tests and trains for clinical and home use

Category Therapy

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Improve organization with 4 activities that strengthen connections between words.

  • For people who can’t speak, or have difficulty reasoning or finding words
  • Adaptable app for quick assessments and independent practice

Number Therapy

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Improve number communication skills for people with aphasia using 3 robust therapy activities.

  • For people who need to reliably communicate numbers
  • Work intensively at home to master each type of number
  • Languages:

Speech FlipBook Standard

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Improve speech & phonological awareness with 1000s of single-syllable words.

  • For people with unclear articulation, apraxia, or difficulty producing sounds
  • Instantly customize a word list for professional or home use

Spaced Retrieval Therapy

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Improve memory for personally important names, tasks, and facts.

  • For people with dementia or who have difficulty with recall
  • Expanded interval timer with data tracking for guided practice

AlphaTopics – AAC

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Enhance your natural speech by pointing to the first letter of each word or the topic.

  • For people with speech that isn't always clear
  • A letter board and customizable topic board with voice output

Question Therapy

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Improve asking and answering questions with this 2-in-1 app for interrogatives.

  • For people who have difficulty with wh-questions, especially aphasia
  • Fantastic clinical tool adapts to many abilities and goals

Comprehension Therapy

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Improve auditory and reading comprehension for single words.

  • For people who have trouble understanding what they hear or read
  • Perfect entry-level app for independent practice
  • Languages:

Naming Therapy

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Improve word-finding skills using evidence-based methods in 4 activities.

  • For people who have difficulty saying the names of things
  • Ideal for independent or guided practice
  • Languages:

Writing Therapy

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Improve spelling skills in 4 activities that encourage self-monitoring.

  • For people who have difficulty spelling
  • Customizable levels for independent practice
  • Languages:

Reading Therapy

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Improve reading comprehension at the phrase and sentence levels.

  • For people who have difficulty understanding what they read
  • Outstanding app for independent practice of mid-level literacy
  • Languages:

Answering Therapy

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Improve the ability to answer all levels of yes/no and wh- questions.

  • For people who have difficulty understanding question words
  • Fully customizable app for independent or guided practice

Asking Therapy

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Improve the ability to ask questions, including yes/no and wh- type questions.

  • For people who have difficulty asking grammatically correct questions
  • Great high-level app for independent or guided practice



Improve your phonetics skills with this sound-based game for language enthusiasts.

  • For SLP, ESL, & linguistics students or pros who use IPA transcription
  • Fun social crossword game lets you chat with other word nerds

Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

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Get our therapy apps for aphasia at a discount when you purchase them in this App Store bundle.

  • For speech-language pathologists and stroke survivors and families with aphasia or autism
  • All our best apps for aphasia

Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools

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Get our clinical tool apps at a discount when you purchase them in this App Store bundle.

  • For speech-language pathologists
  • A range of clinical tools for speech-language pathologists

  • Android: available on Google Play
  • Aphasia: loss of language after a stroke or brain injury, trouble expressing thoughts or understanding conversation
  • Autism: difficulty with communication and relationships due to a developmental brain disorder
  • Bundles: value packs of multiple apps to save you money
  • Cognition: impaired thinking skills (memory, attention, reasoning) due to dementia or acquired brain injury
  • Dysphagia: swallowing disorders
  • Fun: educational games for language enthusiasts
  • Literacy: reading and writing skills essential for modern life
  • Popular: our best-selling and highest-rated apps
  • Speech: difficulty pronouncing words clearly due to articulation disorders, weakness (dysarthria) or incoordination (apraxia)