A quick guide to 15 evidence-based aphasia treatments for improving verbal expression

15 aphasia therapy techniques for improving verbal expression

Have you tried… everything? Improve your patient outcomes when you use techniques & tools that are known to work. Download this free list of the top evidence-based aphasia therapy approaches that will help your patients do what they want to do most: talk.

This is a very valuable resource! I would happily pay for this because it’s so well organized and you’ve put so many additional resources at our fingertips. It’s very clearly organized with the evidence-based aphasia therapy and a short description. I love that you include a tip for that treatment as well as links for more information. 

I definitely recommend that any SLP who works with patients with aphasia should download this guide. I know I tend to use a few different approaches, but I certainly don’t use all those listed here! It’s good to have a reminder of other EBP techniques to incorporate additional treatments to help my patients. I absolutely love it!

Ivoriann Wooley, SLP

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Need more aphasia therapy ideas?

Check out the evidence-based aphasia therapy resources on the ASHA Practice Portal and Evidence Map. Always try to follow aphasia best practices as outlined on the Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway and by Aphasia United.

We all win when we used evidence-based aphasia therapy to help stroke survivors recover essential communication skills to regain their confidence, relationships, and identity.

Learn how Tactus Therapy can help you provide evidence-based aphasia therapy for your clients in our How-To series.

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