What is Global Aphasia?

Global aphasia is the most severe and devastating type of aphasia after stroke. Learn what it is and how you can better communicate with a person who has global aphasia.

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What is Broca’s Aphasia?

When most people think of aphasia, they think of a type of non-fluent aphasia called Broca's aphasia. Learn what Broca's aphasia is, see a video of what it sounds like, and find out how to help a person with the frustrating condition of expressive aphasia.

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Creating Conversations in the Comforts of Home

Sit down for a chat with Aphasia House founder Janet Whiteside to learn about this innovative speech therapy clinic at UCF. The home-like setting encourages natural conversations and friendships in an intensive therapy program.

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What is an ICAP? Intensive Aphasia Therapy Explained

There's a lot of talk about intensive therapy programs for stroke recovery. Learn what all the buzz is about, what to expect, and where you can go to participate in an ICAP if you or a loved one has aphasia. Guest writer Wendy Duke answers your questions.

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How Therapy Pets Can Help Stroke Survivors with Aphasia

Furry friends keep us company, but they can also be therapeutic. Find out how animals, especially dogs, can help stroke survivors with aphasia to improve language, mood, and overall well-being.

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  • Apps for Aphasia Therapy Framework

3 Ways to Integrate Apps into Aphasia Therapy

Aphasia therapists can integrate technology and apps into aphasia therapy more easily when they use this simple, 3-part framework. See how you can help your clients with aphasia better engage in life and recovery using the same technology you've come to rely on in your everyday life.

Building Confidence in Communication: Using Apps in Aphasia Group Therapy

Speech therapy helps people with aphasia improve in the clinic, but what happens when they step out into the real world? Group therapy can bridge the gap between individual sessions and everyday communication, building confidence along the way. Find out more about the benefits of aphasia group therapy and how apps can be used within this effective and fun therapy model.

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5 Cool New Features in iOS 10 to Help People with Aphasia

Learn how to use new accessibility features in the latest Apple iOS that can help someone with a language disability. Hear what you type, add visual supports, and more. Step-by-step instructions make it easy.

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Advanced Comprehension Therapy – Understanding at a Whole New Level

Understanding language involves meaning, grammar, and context. Many people with language problems rely too heavily on context, getting by only until the message gets complicated. See how a new app can help you work on understanding sentences and following directions. Try Advanced Comprehension Therapy for free!

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  • Does a plateau exist in stroke recovery?

The Truth about the Plateau in Stroke Recovery

Does stroke recovery stop after 3-6 months or does it go on forever? Find out what medical professionals mean when they say stroke survivors have hit a plateau, then try these 9 things to get your recovery going again. Features an aphasia-friendly version to download & share.

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