Category Therapy


Strengthen connections between words with flexible exercises to improve language and reasoning skills.

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Target Language & Cognitive Skills Using
One Super-Flexible App!

Categories help us to process information, learn, remember, and integrate new information. Without the ability to group items together, we struggle to make sense of the world. It’s harder to find the word we’re looking for and understand how things are organized.

Category Therapy is a professional speech therapy app that uses a hierarchy of categorization exercises to help people of all ages improve:

Word Finding & Vocabulary

Listening & Reading

Mental Organization

Reasoning & Logic

Attention & Memory

Category Therapy doesn’t require any verbal output, but it’s still exercising the brain in ways that can help people talk, using their own voice or AAC. This app is perfect for schools, hospitals, and home use, with flexible activities to challenge all ages and abilities.

See Category Therapy In Action

30-Second Preview
App Demo
Severe Aphasia
30-Second Preview
App Demo
Severe Aphasia

Practice at Home or Use at Work

Organize the words in your brain so you can find them faster

  • Practice on your own as much as you want – you don’t have to say a word
  • Share your results with others so they can celebrate your progress

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It’s for comprehension & expression & cognition… oh my!

  • Quickly assess non-verbal clients with aphasia, TBI, or autism
  • Easily add-in expressive tasks like naming or sentence formulation

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Category Therapy

One tight, comprehensive app!

Category Therapy has managed to spruce up four activities with customizable field sizes, filtered target categories, cue types, and best of all, difficulty levels that range from concrete to abstract. By taking on the bulk of preparation from the clinician, more time can be devoted into helping one’s client process what is on the screen and providing feedback. 

Carla Cuadro, SLP

Easy to use with a range of abilities

Category Therapy is a very well thought-out, systematic app with a wide variety of uses. It will be a LONG time before you run out of content to use with one client, and the app’s fantastic settings allow you to use it with a variety of individuals, regardless of cognitive abilities. That’s what makes Tactus Therapy apps go from good to great. 

Aubrey Klingensmith, SLP
Speechie Apps

Wonderful for both kids and adults!

Category Therapy is clean and simple to use for clients of all ages. There are real-life photos and no distracting backgrounds or sounds. The ability to e-mail results makes therapy so much easier because you can focus on explaining why different choices were correct or not and actually TEACH, rather than having to write down results. And I LOVE the audio supports!

Jessica Solari, SLP
Consonantly Speaking

Tactus has the best apps and Category Therapy is no exception!

I work on categories a lot in therapy, and this is one of my go-to apps. The pictures are clear and the categories are difficult enough to challenge moderate level patients. It is very appropriate for adults, not childish like many apps. I have recommended this app many times for families to buy. It is great for independent practice.

5-Star App Store Review

A great app worth the $$

I like this app because it works not only on understanding of what the item is, but also allows you to work on naming it, adding it to a group, identifying what doesn’t belong in the group, and adding more items to the group. You can approach categories from many angles and choose the level and groups to include. Great variety so the students don’t get bored easily. 

App Store Review

Ideal for the special needs population

Category Therapy uses a simple framework that is ideal for children with language disorders, multiple disabilities or ASD. I appreciate the leveled categories which allow me to use the app with everyone from preschool to 5th grade on my school caseload.

Jenna Rayburn Kirk, SLP 
Speech Room News

What You’ll Get in
Category Therapy

Four activities provide thousands of semantic exercises for language & cognition

1) Find category members in the easiest activity to work on understanding

2) Classify items into the right category to work on organizing words by features

3) Add One by first determining what the category is in this logical reasoning task

4) Exclude the non-member after you reason through what goes together

Customize each activity based on difficulty, choices, and target type

70 Categories to choose from in concrete, abstract, & subcategories with 700 words

Clean design with clear photos & voice provides distraction-free learning

Adjust to any user’s needs with settings available during therapy for full control

Professional reports for you to e-mail, print, or save

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Category Therapy

Category Therapy Lite

Download Category Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of the full version. The Lite version allows you to try all 4 activities with a limited selection of targets. The full version gives you 700 words in 70 categories for a powerful therapy tool.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of Category Therapy. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed this app!

Make it Easier

Use the Find or Classify activities for the easiest exercises. Set the Difficulty to Easy (concrete categories) and choose the first option after Auto for Number of Choices. Use Words & Pictures for Target Type.

Make it Harder

Use the Add One or Exclude activities for more of a challenge. Set the Difficulty to Hard (abstract categories) and choose the last option for Number of Choices. Use either Pictures Only or Words Only for Target Type.

Target Your Goal

Change Target Type to Words Only to work on reading comprehension or visualization. Select Pictures Only to work on word finding or reasoning.

Talking Not Required

This app works well for people with severe apraxia or aphasia to target semantic skills in the absence of verbal expression. Use it for a quick screening or for therapy in the clinic or at home.

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Category Therapy

Strengthen connections between words with flexible exercises to improve language and reasoning skills.


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