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Number Therapy helps people with aphasia, a brain-based language impairment, practice communicating numbers of all sorts. While they know what the numbers are and what they mean, they have difficulty understanding longer numbers, saying numbers, or typing or writing them down.

This can be very frustrating and limit independence in taking messages, scheduling appointments, paying for items, or returning a call. Numbers are everywhere in our world, and so important to get just right.

Number Therapy, a professional speech therapy app, is an effective tool to work on number communication skills focusing on time, money, dates, phone numbers, and fractions in comprehension, speaking, and writing activities.

  • Three exercises: UnderstandSpeak, and Type
  • Three presentation modes: Listen, Read, and Both
  • Skills for all levels of users
  • Built-in cues and automated scoring
  • Add your own phone numbers
  • Available on Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store

Benefits for the Speech-Language Professional

  • A skill all people with aphasia need
  • • Numbers aren’t just about math – they’re also key to functional communication: age, dates, time, money
    • Numerical transcoding is a skill that responds to hierarchical treatment, but is time-intensive – perfect for using an app
    • People with aphasia want help in this area – they request it time and again – so give it to them!

  • Spans all levels of clients
  • • Work on just one category of numbers or mix & match
    • Adjust the difficulty through categories, modes, activities, or settings
    • Target comprehension for more severe impairments, or challenge your higher-level clients to increase speed of naming or type in 10-digit phone numbers

  • Ideal for home exercise programs
  • • E-mailed reports track progress from session to session
    • Built-in recommendations allow clients to adjust when you’re not around

How to Use Number Therapy for Home Practice

People with aphasia often have difficulty with numbers. While they may understand how numbers work and even do math problems well, it can be hard to understand when numbers are said quickly, or they may not be able to say an address or phone number correctly the first time. Just one number being wrong may result in a failed transaction, missed appointment, or lost contact. Number Therapy can help strengthen number communication skills. Your speech therapist can help you figure out which settings and exercises are best for you, but if you are on your own, try this:

  • Start with Understand on All Numbers using Listen.
  • If it’s too easy, try Speak with Single Digits.
  • If that’s too hard, try Type on Both.
  • The app will guide you to the right settings.
  • Work on just one category at a time to truly master it, then combine them.
  • E-mail your results to your therapist or a family member to share your progress.

What People are Saying about Number Therapy

I am very impressed with Number Therapy. Thank you for recognizing this as a need for our persons with aphasia. So many of our folks want to work on numbers. Practicing entering phone #s is a great idea for a functional task.
Thank you again!
Stephanie Schmadeke, MA, CCC-SLP, Houston Aphasia Recovery Center (HARC)
Loving the Number Therapy app! Thank you. So happy to have this app as so many of my patients with aphasia are struggling with numbers. One patient with Wernicke’s aphasia loves the progress he’s making with it. Thanks again for creating this!
Shareka Bentham, MSLT, EasySpeak Enterprises
Number Therapy gives my husband the opportunity to be independent and yet still get stimulus for needed number skills. He gets success with reinforcing known skills, and challenged by the harder items. Level of difficulty is determined by us. We like that!
Joan Andre, wife of a person with aphasia

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Platforms: iPad/iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch and Android tablets/phones

Goal Areas: Transcoding, Reading Comprehension, Auditory Comprehension, Listening, Speaking, Naming, Attention, Working Memory, Phone Skills, Money Skills, Calendar Skills, Fractions, Dates

Helps: Aphasia, Anomia, Dyscalculia, Stroke, Dementia, Brain Injury, English as a Second Language Learners

Note: This app is NOT about mathematical skills or calculations. It targets the communication of numbers rather than equations.

Vocabulary: 30 categories of numbers including time, money, fractions, phone numbers, zip codes, ordinals, and years

Languages: English (US), English (UK)

Version: 1.03

Price: $14.99 USD

Bundled in: Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

Ablinger, I., Weniger, D., & Willmes, K. (2006). Treating number transcoding difficulties in a chronic aphasic patient. Aphasiology20(1), 37-58.

Girelli, L., & Seron, X. (2001). Rehabilitation of number processing and calculation skills. Aphasiology15(7), 695-712.

Deloche, G. R., & Seron, X. (1982). From three to 3: A differential analysis of skills in transcoding quantities between patients with Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasia. Brain105(4), 719-733.

Jan 26, 2016          Version 1.04

  • Minor fixes

Oct 28, 2015          Version 1.03

  • Fix for recording issue on iOS 9 some users were experiencing

Aug 12, 2015          Version 1.02

  • Minor fixes based on feedback from you to ensure you get the best possible experience

June 29, 2015          Version 1.01

  • Free Lite Version Available
  • Universal App Now for iPhone & iPad
  • Custom Phone Numbers
  • Recommendations After Each Exercise

May 22, 2015            Number Therapy Initial Release

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Number Therapy is available for your iOS and Android devices.

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