We could say that all the best adult speech therapy apps are the Tactus Therapy apps, and end this list there. But since the iPad was released in 2010, there have been a few other apps that we’ve found to be useful for therapy.  In fact, we released a huge list of over 200 apps in 2012, and that 21-page list has been downloaded over ten thousand times!

Now we’ve updated the list for 2018 with nearly 300 links to 170 apps for speech therapy that are available and up to date with the latest operating system. Download the list of the best apps for adult speech therapy now for FREE! You’ll see the name, icon, price, description, and links to paid and free/lite versions on the App Store and Google Play in this 11-page PDF document.

Adult Speech Therapy App List
Download Adult Speech Therapy Apps List

So Much Has Changed in Adult Speech Therapy Apps

Since the list was last updated in 2015, there have been some major changes. Some apps have disappeared from the App Store entirely. Others have not been updated to work with iOS 11, so while still available, they won’t work with the latest software. More speech therapy apps have become available on Google Play for Android devices, and many more apps have been created in the intervening years. So this major re-writing of the list of the best apps for adult speech therapy is much different from the original.

Updated Adult Speech Therapy Apps for iOS 11

All the apps on this list are updated for iOS 11. There were a shocking number of apps removed from this list because they have not been updated to work with Apple’s latest operating system. Developers were given nearly 3 years to update their apps to support 64-bit architecture. This means that the apps that have been removed are ones that developers were not actively maintaining and updating. That does not mean that they were bad apps – not at all. It simply means that the apps that are still around have developers who are invested in keeping the apps up to date. Still, some of the more useful apps for speech therapy have not been updated, so some tech-savvy SLPs are keeping an iPad on iOS 10 forever.

Our most sorely missed apps: All the SpeakinMotion VAST apps, Conversation Cards, Upper Respiratory Virual Lab, Awesome Memory, Make Change, and iMazing

Fewer Free Adult Speech Therapy Apps

Since apps do require updates to keep up with the latest operating systems, there are fewer truly free apps on this list. Some have moved to a subscription model, while others are now ad-supported. Many have simply disappeared as the developer could not sustain the annual fees or provide the required updates. Many more apps now have in-app purchases. There are still plenty of free and Lite apps, and most full apps are not too expensive.

The new list of the best apps for adult speech therapy better reflects the business model of the app, indicating those with in-app purchases (IAP) or subscription.

Adult Speech Therapy Apps for Android

A huge change to this list of the best apps for adult speech therapy is that it now includes apps on Google Play! Many therapists use Android phones or are provided with Android-based tablets at work. Lots of families use Android tablets for home practice. While there is still a better selection of adult speech therapy apps for iOS, this list reflects the growing number of apps that are available on both platforms.

Ever-Changing Adult Speech Therapy Apps

The prices and availability are always changing, so please double-check on your device’s App Store or Google Play Store. Some apps may be slightly different on Android and Apple devices, or even created by different developers. Developers can update their apps with new features at any point, either adding or removing functionality. Sometimes this changes a therapy-appropriate app into a busy, ad-filled app with too many bells and whistles to be useful. Of course, updates are usually good, removing bugs or adding valuable new features, so be sure to check the update notes if you aren’t using automatic updates.

Prices are listed in US dollars. If you are outside the US, check the price on your device for your local currency. The prices are not straight-up currency conversions – they are set in tiers by Apple. Many prices outside the US include sales tax (VAT/GST), so they may appear higher than they are.

Titles and icons can also change, so we’ve included links to take you straight to the App Store or Google Play Store. That’s why it’s best that you share this list electronically instead of printing it. Tell your friends to download their own copy for the latest version. Also, if you notice an app that is no longer available or isn’t as advertised, please let us know. Similarly, if you know of an Android version or another great app, share it with us!

Practical Clinical Apps for Adult Speech Therapy

This is not a comprehensive list of all available apps. This is a list of apps that work well in a clinical setting with adults. For every app on this list, there were two that were downloaded and discarded for one reason or another. Maybe they crashed, had errors, or showed too many ads. Perhaps the others just overlapped with apps that did more or did the same thing but better. You can trust that the apps on this list have been used in a clinical setting, vouched for by a practicing clinician, and/or recommended by a client who found success using it.

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