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Tactus Therapy Solutions is a small company with big ideas. While we strive to do good work, we can’t do it alone, so we are frequently looking for quality contractors to contribute their talents to our apps. We periodically need writers, translators, voice artists, quality assurance testers, Android/iOS/web coders, and other help. Please look at our current needs below.

Remote SLP – Online Therapy Designer


Are you an experienced Canadian medical speech-language pathologist who is looking for an opportunity to take your career in a new and exciting direction?

Do you want to work from the comfort of home in a non-clinical role that will help more people than you could have ever dreamed of helping one-on-one?

Would you like to join a small team working on a cutting-edge project where your ideas will come to life before your eyes? Are you a fan of Tactus Therapy and think you would love to do what we do?

You could be qualified for this position if each of these qualities applies to you:

  • Knowledgeable about the latest evidence-based treatments for cognitive-communication as well as aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and dysphagia with a love for learning new things
  • Experienced providing person-centered care to adults with stroke, dementia, TBI, PD, concussion, and other cognitive-communication disorders (3+ years preferred)
  • The ideas of breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps and organizing data in spreadsheets are exciting to you
  • Conversant in linguistics, good with grammar, and an excellent writer/editor
  • Detail-oriented with high standards for quality
  • Technology lover with strong problem-solving and support skills
  • Able to translate real-life scenarios into materials for therapy
  • Good at seeing patterns, categorizing, and applying logic to messy data
  • An appreciation of the importance of BOTH participation-based therapy and impairment remediation in a comprehensive therapy plan
  • Familiarity with American culture, language, and diversity
  • Able to work independently, accept feedback, and ask for help when needed
  • Equipped to work from home and engage in frequent video chats between 9-5 Pacific
  • No trouble using Google apps, MS Office programs, and other online software
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident eligible for work

Tactus Therapy is looking to hire a speech-language pathologist to do amazing work creating online activities and resources for the profession and our clients. You’ll receive close mentorship from a leader in the field as you transition into this role.

Daily tasks may include:

  • Writing stimulus materials and sourcing photos for treatments
  • Breaking down functional goals into small steps in a hierarchical manner
  • Creating ways to teach strategies and give clear instructions and helpful hints
  • Designing activities that help people reach their goals
  • Testing treatment activities for completeness and errors
  • Organizing testing feedback and prioritizing for implementation
  • Writing about, editing, or creating attractive and useful handouts for various assessments and treatments

It is extremely important that we hire the right person for this role, and that you are truly interested. As such, there will be an extensive interview process consisting of resume review, clinical writing sample, interview, reference checks and then a select few will be offered part-time contract employment for a period of time to train and display new skills (approx. 10 hrs/week). At the conclusion of the paid trial period, a full-time position will be offered to the successful candidate.

Compensation: $70,000-$80,000 CAD for full-time work, depending on experience and qualifications. Benefits include 2-3 weeks paid vacation to start with opportunities for advancement and bonuses. Additional benefits may include SAC dues, CEUs, and conference attendance. No commute and flexible working hours! Compensation is negotiable for the right person.

To apply, please submit via email to

  1. current resume
  2. letter that details your qualifications and interest
  3. clinical writing sample consisting of:
    1. 2 functional and person-centered long-term goals for an adult patient with a cognitive-communication impairment
    2. 3 supporting SMART short-term goals for each long term goal
    3. A detailed treatment plan for each goal

Only successful applicants will be contacted to arrange a video interview. 


Beta Testers

We are always building our team of trusted beta testers for new apps. Beta testers are the first people to get a look at our apps and use them clinically before we release them. We are looking for Speech-Language Pathologists who are very detail-oriented with clear writing skills. You must be able to use the app with a clinical population in a timely manner and give frequent feedback on your likes, dislikes, wants, and reactions. This is a volunteer position, though you will be compensated for your time with an advance copy of our latest app, a free copy of another app from our collection, and the knowledge that your input has helped to shape an app that thousands of people will use in therapy.

To Apply: Please fill out this form: