Download the Tactus Therapy app brochure

By request, we’ve created a simple 1-page PDF app list for you to download and print. It’s a great way to see an overview of all our apps, with prices in each currency for the USA, Canada, Great Britain (UK), Australia, and the Eurozone. (All other currencies are available on the App Store or Google Play store for your country.)

Attached you’ll also find 2 pages highlighting what Tactus Therapy has to offer stroke survivors and families and our resources for speech-language professionals, students, & instructors.

If you’re a speech-language professional, this is a great way for you to show your clients which apps you’ve been using with them in sessions, and how they can get their own copies of apps to use at home. Place a copy of this app brochure in discharge packages so your clients will know all their options to keep recovery going. Circle the apps you recommend they use, or refer them to our App Finder.

Not sure where to start?