Reading Therapy


Push your reading to the phrase & sentence level with multiple-choice exercises for stroke survivors.

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Improve reading comprehension

Reading Therapy is a professional speech therapy app that helps stroke and brain injury survivors move from single-word reading to the functional reading needed for everyday life. This app offers thousands of exercises to improve:

Reading Silently or Aloud

Reading Phrases & Sentences

Making Choices

Attention to Detail

Build attention to detail, decrease impulsivity, & practice oral reading while improving reading skills in the clinic or at home for intensive practice.

Research shows that using this app as part of Language Therapy 4-in-1 for just 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks can significantly improve chronic aphasia. Add your own exercises, or use the thousands included in this app in English, Spanish, French, and German. 

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Practice at Home or Use at Work

Does your loved one really understand what they read?

  • It may look like they understand, but you don’t know for sure until you challenge them with exercises
  • Improve through daily practice

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This is no dusty old workbook – it works!

  • Customization, adaptability, immediate feedback, audio support, data tracking, & automated reporting
  • Can your worksheets do that?

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Reading Therapy

Wonderful app for stroke patients!

I purchased this app for my mother to use as an additional aid to the speech therapy she’s getting. She’s found it very helpful & extremely user-friendly. When doing paper exercises, she can get very frustrated when she gets an answer wrong, and she can’t see the way forward to the right answer. This app avoids that by eliminating the wrong answer and giving her the chance to keep working out the right answer. Being able to pick and mix categories is a big advantage too. A fantastic app & a good price too. This app has been expertly thought out & implemented. Very pleased with it!

Daughter of a stroke survivor
Via 5-Star App Store Review

Parents & educators need to take note of this app!

I’ve come to expect only the best from Tactus Therapy. Reading Therapy delivers the same attention to detail, high quality photographs, flexibility, ease of use, automated scoring, & email results. I like that the app allows you to keep trying before advancing to the next exercise. The matching exercises may seem easy but upon trying, but they are rather challenging. You really need to read carefully and use your problem-solving skills. The Completion exercises were great for testing my older kids’ knowledge of common phrases & functional use of the English language.


5 Stars!

This is an awesome app! My husband has been using it for some time now and it is very helpful. His reading and comprehension has come such a long way and his aphasia has improved. He continues to work hard every day. Thank you, Tactus Therapy, for all your hard work in developing the apps that you do. They are helping so many people!

Wife of a stroke survivor
Via 5-star App Store Review

What You’ll Get in
Reading Therapy

Four activities provide thousands of exercises for reading comprehension

Phrase Matching uses a target picture and 2, 3, or 4 answer choices to select

Phrase Completion leaves the last word blank for you to select from up to 4 choices

Sentence Matching requires careful reading of all options for the best answer to go with the picture

Sentence Completion has tricky answer choices to trip you up if you don’t read them all

Settings help to customize each session as you go into any activity

Categories allow you to focus on specific vocabulary or themes and add your own

Recommendations guide you to the next activity, setting, or app based on your performance

Audio supports are available by touching the Hint button, or set them to be always on

Professional reports for you to e-mail, print, or save

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Language Therapy 4-in-1

Language Therapy Lite

Download Language Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of Reading Therapy. The Lite version allows you to try all the activities in all 4 apps, with just a handful of the thousands of exercises you’ll get in the full version.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of this app. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed these apps.

Make it Easier

Reduce the Number of Choices to 2. This eliminates the answer choices most likely to be mistaken for the correct answer, so it’s easier to get items right.

Make it Harder

Start with the Number of Choices at 4 & use the Sentence Matching and Sentence Completion activities for more to read.

Do More

Read each item and option aloud before answering to get expressive language practice. Turn off the Auto-Advance setting to spend more time on each screen.

Gain Independence

Press Hint to reveal speaker buttons that let you hear the text aloud. After listening to each option, make your selection. If you use the audio a lot, change the Read Aloud setting to Always On so your score won’t go down.

Make it Personal

Add your own exercises to any activity in this app to make practice more functional & meaningful. Save photos from the web to the device or take your own.

Make the Best Choice

Read all options to be sure you’ve selected the best answer, as some choices aren’t necessarily wrong, but they’re not the best. Pay attention to detail and make wise decisions – important cognitive skills.

¿Hablas Español?

This app can speak English (North American), English (UK), French, German, & Spanish – change your device language for localized menus & reports, or just select the exercise language in the Settings.

Record Yourself

Use the on-screen audio recording to record yourself saying the target word, naming all words on the screen, or using the target word in a sentence and then e-mail those recordings wih the report.

Hints can Help

When you use a hint, the item is marked as incorrect since the target task was not completed, but the use can still complete the task correctly to learn the correct answer and feel successful.

Don’t Sweat the Score

For some users, seeing their score is discouraging or distracting. For those who use the hint a lot, it can be deceptive. Turn off the Show Score setting at any time to hide the score from the screen & results (but not the report).

Use with Kids

Use the Child-Friendly setting to remove items with adult themes (like alcohol & weapons) from the app and deactivate the links to outside sites on the home screen.

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Reading Therapy

Reading Therapy

Push your reading to the phrase and sentence level with multiple-choice exercises for stroke survivors.


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Language Therapy 4-in-1

Language Therapy 4-in-1

Boost speaking, listening, reading, & writing for words with a scientifically proven speech therapy app for people with aphasia.


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