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Naming Therapy

Naming Therapy, a professional speech therapy app, provides techniques proven effective to help users recall items as well as develop the skills to describe an idea when the name can’t be immediately retrieved.

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What Do Home Users Say About Tactus Therapy?

Thank you so much for your apps!!! I just can’t say enough about them—they are such a great tool for me to use with my husband who recently suffered a brain injury. Your apps have helped so much. As you know time is of the essence with TBI, so having your apps at my disposal is amazing for me. I am there with him all day anyway, and now we can do something productive. The speech therapist at the hospital was so impressed. All rehab facilities should have your apps.
Rebecca, wife of a brain injury survivor
Even though my brother had absolutely no experience with an iPad or the Tactus programs, he was immediately engaged and started exploring whatever he could. The programs are effective in very concrete and measurable ways. My brother has progressed from being nearly speechless 63 days ago to constructing complete sentences with Naming Therapy. Today he actually had a phone conversation with his nephew. Another breakthrough!
Shirley M., sister of a man with aphasia
These therapies are awesome. I can hardly wait for the next one. They are helping my husband immensely. Thank you so much for all your hard work. So many will benefit from these programs. The speech therapist felt they might be just what my husband needed. He was still in a rehab facility at the time and getting close to coming home. I knew it would be some time before his outpatient therapy would begin. We work daily on his therapy at home, and these apps have been wonderful.
Theresa R., wife of a stroke survivor

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