Video of Reading TherAppy v1.0. The latest version may look and behave slightly differently.


General: Select the mode desired from the home screen. Select the target category or categories.  Complete the exercise as described below. Once the correct answer has been selected, there will be a short animation allowing for processing of the answer before automatically advancing to the next item.  Press the Right Arrow button to move to the next item without completing the current one. Press the Left Arrow button to return to items already completed or skipped to discuss the answer or complete skipped items.  Scoring is automated, counting only items correctly answered on the first attempt as correct but allowing for the correct answer to be found.  Press “Home” at any time to end the exercise and return to the main menu.

Phrase Matching: A picture will appear on the screen along with up to 4 phrases. Touch the phrase that best matches the picture.

Sentence Matching: A picture will appear on the screen along with up to 4 sentences. Touch the sentence that best matches the picture.

Phrase Completion: An incomplete phrase will appear on the screen along with up to 4 words. Touch the word that best completes the phrase.

Sentence Completion: An incomplete sentence will appear on the screen along with up to 4 words. Touch the word that best completes the sentence.

Customization: On the category selection screen of any mode, touch “Add/Edit Custom” to add your own phrases, sentences, and pictures. Touch “Add New Category” to set up a folder. Name the category by touching the text box that says “Custom Category” and typing in a unique name (e.g. not one of the existing categories). Add items to the category by touching “Add New Item”. Add an image to either Matching task by either selecting a photo from the device’s camera roll or taking a photo (on camera-equipped devices). Type in the phrase/sentence and/or the correct and incorrect answers. Press “done” to save the item. To edit the item, touch it on the category list.  To delete an item, press the red delete button next to the picture. To use your new custom exercises, just touch the checkbox next to your custom categories on the “Choose Your Categories” screen. Please note: When you create a new category, it will appear in all modes but will only have items in the modes you have created items in. When you delete a category in one mode, it will remain visible with 0 items if items exist in that category in other modes. Create new categories as folders for each client, child, or learning unit!

Backup and Restore Data: It is important to backup your custom items and categories regularly in case something happens to the device or app. Backing up your items is also useful if you wish to transfer custom categories between devices. For detailed instructions on this process, visit our website: https://tactustherapy.com/backup/


Language: Choose between English (North America), English (UK), French (Français), German (Deutsch) and Spanish (Español).

Number Of Trials: Select the number of exercises randomly presented in a practice session. If the categories selected do not have as many exercises as you have selected, exercises will repeat as needed.

Field Size: Select between 2, 3, or 4 answer options to appear on the screen.

E-mail Results To: Enter the address of the SLP or other person monitoring progress.                

Auto-Advance: Turn this setting on to move automatically to the next trial. Turn it off to use the arrow buttons to move between trials.                                          

Child-Friendly Mode: Turn this setting on to remove items with adult themes from the app and deactivate the links to outside sites on the home screen.

Customize Database: Turn each individual exercise on or off within each of the four sections.

Tips & Tricks

Are you using this app to its fullest potential? Do you know about every setting and feature? Take a few moments to read up on our tips for using the app better and tricks for getting more out of it. Then test your knowledge to see if you're aware of all the great things you can do with this app. If you have a tip or trick to share, please let us know!
• Set the app to manual advance to take the time to read each item aloud before selecting the answer. Reading aloud is good therapy for speech, understanding, reading, and writing!
• Make any exercise easier by limiting the number of choices in the Settings. The most closely related answer choices will disappear first.

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