Advanced Reading Therapy

Advanced Reading

Enjoy reading again with paragraph-level passages to suit all abilities and built-in tools to help you understand text better.

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Advanced Reading Therapy

Thanks for another great app for my high-level patients!

It is so hard to find reading passages that are just the right level of difficulty, modern, and interesting for my patients. This app has great articles that give the perfect level of challenge, and the ability to hear the words is better than any workbook or printout could ever be! I’ve been using it to work on reading out loud with aphasia and apraxia patients too.

Outpatient SLP

I’ve been asking Tactus for a paragraph-level app for years, and they finally made one!

I love the functional materials, jokes, and stories. They’re perfect for my TBI patients for getting at the main idea, inferences, and details. I can really see how attention and memory impact comprehension when I watch my clients use this app, and then we work on it. I’m sure many of my clients will be buying this app to use at home.

Community SLP

What You’ll Get in
Advanced Reading Therapy

Three levels of reading passages with comprehension questions

Read the passage or hear it aloud with full audio support for each word & sentence

Follow along as the app reads to you to improve attention & understanding

Answer questions that test your understanding, with the ability to look back or have the relevant sentence highlighted

Results contain detailed notes about performance to track progress over time

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Advanced Language Therapy

Advanced Language Therapy Lite

Download Advanced Language Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of Advanced Reading Therapy. The Lite version allows you to try all 3 levels (and 3 other apps) for a brief sample of the content you’ll get in the full version of the app.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of Advanced Reading Therapy. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed this app!

Where to Start

Try Level 2 first, and if it seems too easy, go for Level 3. It it’s a bit too hard, move down to Level 1.

Make it Easier or Harder

Within each level, you can choose to have 2, 3, or 4 answer choices. If Level 1 is too hard, move to our Reading Therapy app. If Level 3, is too easy, start reading your own materials!

Touch to Hear a Word

If you want to hear a word, just touch it! You can turn this feature off or set it to Regular Selection to use the built-in selection options of your device, such as looking up definitions.

Look Back

Can’t remember the answer exactly, but you know you read it? Look back at the passage any time by touching the blue tab. Return to the question by tapping the question area at the bottom.

Use a Hint

Build independence by requesting a hint. The relevant part of the text will be highlighted for you. Using a hint will score the question as incorrect, but it allows you to answer successfully.

Assess Yourself

After reading each passage, you’ll get to rate your understanding. This encourages metacognitive awareness, and gives a recommendation on what to do next.

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Advanced Reading Therapy

Advanced Reading Therapy

Enjoy reading again with paragraph-level passages to suit all abilities and built-in tools to help you understand text better.


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Advanced Language Therapy

Advanced Language Therapy

Take aphasia therapy to the sentence level & beyond with 4 apps that strengthen listening, talking, reading, & writing.


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