A Free List of the Best Speech Therapy Apps for Adults – Updated!

Completely re-written and updated for 2018, download your FREE copy of our 11-page list of 170 apps for adult speech therapy! So much has changed in the past few years. This list will guide you to the latest apps that are clinically useful and available for iOS and Android devices.

Treating Clients with Primary Progressive Aphasia: 7 Tips for the Speech-Language Pathologist

Guest blogger and speech-language pathologist Beth Dolar shares tips for how SLPs can use what they know about dementia and stroke to better treat primary progressive aphasia (PPA) in a patient-centric way.

Using Tactus Apps on a Desktop or Laptop Computer

Do you know people who could use the Tactus Therapy apps, but they don't have a tablet? If they're tech-savvy, it may not be a problem. Learn how to use an Android emulator to put apps from Google Play on a Windows PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer.

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An Even Better Language Therapy 4-in-1

Learn what's new in Language Therapy 3.1, the latest improvement to this evidence-based and best-selling app for aphasia therapy. See how these improvements make the app easier to use for both home users and professionals.

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A Year in the Life of a Traveling SLP

Follow along with Julia on a year in her life as a traveling speech-language pathologist working with adults. This always-on-the-go lifestyle is never boring and has many benefits, if you can be flexible. Learn more about what a travel SLP does from guest blogger Julia Kuhn.

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10 Must-Have Textbooks for Adult Speech Therapy

Feel like you wish you could go back to school to learn a little more about aphasia, dysarthria, or cognitive-communication? You can deepen your knowledge in these areas with these 10 great textbooks that are filled with specialized and expert knowledge and may be newer than your degree.

9 Ways to Improve Speech in Parkinson’s Disease

Learn 9 ways that speech-language pathologists help people with Parkinson's disease to improve their communication and voice. Treatments, apps, activities, and devices to help with the hypokinetic dysarthria caused by PD.

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How To: Multiple Oral Re-Reading (MOR)

A step-by-step guide to doing Multiple Oral Re-Reading (MOR), an evidence-based speech therapy technique to improve reading fluency in people with aphasia and alexia. Learn how to use an app for independent practice at home for the repetition required to see progress.

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Using Meditation to Help People with Aphasia

We know that meditation can calm you down and reduce stress; but what about using meditation for aphasia to help with language, cognition, and mental health? Find out how people with aphasia may benefit from mindfulness and meditation.

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Advanced Reading Therapy: Step Up to the Next Level in Reading Comprehension with this New App for Adults

Learn about our latest Advanced app for aphasia and brain injury: Advanced Reading Therapy. Discover how technology can help improve reading comprehension with exciting passages and challenging questions perfect for adult speech therapy. Try the Lite version for free!