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Tactus Therapy apps are helping thousands of people around the world with their therapy needs. Here are a few of the stories of how professionals, families, and survivors are incorporating our apps into their lives.

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A Writer’s Journey to Aphasia and Back Again. Sort of.

Dylan Otto Krider is an award-winning author who suffered a stroke at age 43. Faced with aphasia that took away his ability to speak, read, and write, he fought his way back with hard work and speech therapy to recover his craft and career. Read his inspiring story of determination to see how far he's come.

Making Sense of Aphasia with a Sense of Adventure

Byron and Donna Peterson have been living with Wernicke's aphasia for over 5 years now. Donna shares their story of stroke, rehab, and getting back into life with a challenging communication disorder that drove most of their family and friends away. See how this adventurous couple has risen to the challenge and is fighting back as you learn more about the man you saw in our video of fluent aphasia in last week's post.

8 Reasons Why Tactus Therapy Apps Work Well for Autism

Guest blogger Heather Helter shares her experiences using Tactus Therapy apps in speech therapy with children with autism. See what design features are best practice for students with complex needs, and how these apps designed for adults are also wonderful to use with children of all ages.

Does technology create a barrier when working with older clients?

Guest blogger Rachel Wynn of Gray Matter Therapy shares her experiences introducing the iPad in speech therapy to older clients. Is it truly client-centered care to use high-tech gadgets in therapy with the elderly? See what this ethics-focused therapist has to say and what she recommends.

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Adult Speech Therapy Apps are Great for Kids Too

Tactus Therapy apps are effective speech therapy tools for adults recovering from acquired communication disorders such as aphasia.They’re also effective tools for kids struggling to overcome language delays and articulation problems.Here’s how one school-based speech-language pathologist uses Tactus Therapy apps to help kids in kindergarten and first and second grade.

Aphasia Today, Independence Tomorrow

It was September of 2013, and Jennifer and Ed Swaren were busy prepping their yard and pool for winter. Suddenly Jennifer stumbled, fell, and broke her hip. She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where she was operated on a few days later. Because she was slow to recover after the surgery, the [...]

Working Smarter With the Right Apps

It’s 4 pm on a Tuesday when certified speech-language pathologist Fabi Hirsch Kruse, Ph.D., CCC-SLP takes her first break of the day. It’s not much of a break, though, because she’s doing a telephone interview as she sips her tea. Certified speech-language pathologist Fabi Hirsch Kruse, Ph.D., CCC-SLP credits Tactus Therapy apps for maximizing [...]

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Talk the Talk: 5 Things You Need to Know when Speaking with a Person with Aphasia

Imagine that you can construct fluent sentences in your mind, but only utter “Not good” when asked a question. Or you remember every moment of your wedding day 48 years ago, but when asked the date, you have to write the numbers 2 and 7, point to them, and say, “This one . . . [...]

  • Meet a Caregiver Who Uses Conversation to Help a Stroke Survivor Overcome Aphasia

Get Talking: Using Conversation to Help a Stroke Survivor Overcome Aphasia

Barbara, a former teacher, uses Conversation TherAppy to help her husband recover his speech Three months shy of her planned retirement, Barbara’s life took a detour. Days that she once imagined would be filled with visiting her children in other states and pursuing her art and music interests were now entrenched with hospital [...]