Tactus Therapy creates apps for rehabilitation and education

Whether you’re a school-based SLP, parent of a child with special needs, or professional in private practice, our apps offer a lot of benefits for you

Want an Example?

Tactus Therapy apps are effective speech therapy tools for adults recovering from acquired communication disorders such as aphasia. They’re also effective tools for kids struggling to overcome language delays and articulation problems. Here’s how one school-based speech-language pathologist uses Tactus Therapy apps to help kids in kindergarten and first and second grade.

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Explore some of the apps best suited to children’s needs:

Conversation Therapy

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Improve language, pragmatics, speech & thinking with stimulating conversation.

  • For people who have difficulty expressing ideas clearly
  • Versatile app can be used to target nearly any goal in guided practice
  • Languages:

Category Therapy

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Improve organization with 4 activities that strengthen connections between words.

  • For people who can’t speak, or have difficulty reasoning or finding words
  • Adaptable app for quick assessments and independent practice

Speech FlipBook Standard

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Improve speech & phonological awareness with 1000s of single-syllable words.

  • For people with unclear articulation, apraxia, or difficulty producing sounds
  • Instantly customize a word list for professional or home use

Comprehension Therapy

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Improve auditory and reading comprehension for single words.

  • For people who have trouble understanding what they hear or read
  • Perfect entry-level app for independent practice
  • Languages:

Naming Therapy

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Improve word-finding skills using evidence-based methods in 4 activities.

  • For people who have difficulty saying the names of things
  • Ideal for independent or guided practice
  • Languages:

Answering Therapy

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Improve the ability to answer all levels of yes/no and wh- questions.

  • For people who have difficulty understanding question words
  • Fully customizable app for independent or guided practice