In every Tactus Therapy app, you’ll find evidence-based speech therapy exercises, customizable settings, and a beautiful modern interface designed for adults. You’ll find flexible tools that work brilliantly in the clinic and effectively at home. But the things you won’t find are just as important. See what’s missing (that you’ll never miss) from Tactus Therapy apps:

Tactus Therapy Apps

1) Log-in Screen

How many usernames and passwords do you have? It’s nearly impossible to remember them all. Imagine how it must feel when you have a brain injury or stroke! There’s no username or password to remember when you use Tactus Therapy apps.

We know you don’t like log-ins, so we don’t require accounts. In busy rehab centers, speech-language pathologists need to grab an iPad and go in their sessions. At home, people recovering from aphasia struggle to sign in. Don’t let a forgotten password or mistyped username get in the way of your therapy.

Learn where to start with Tactus Therapy apps with our App Finder.

2) Monthly Subscription

We don’t require accounts because we don’t charge a subscription. Monthly fees can be a struggle to manage on a reduced retirement or disability income. In healthcare settings, ongoing costs are difficult to get approved. When you buy a Tactus Therapy app, you pay for it once and own it forever. No single app is priced higher than $25 USD, and you’ll still get top-notch support and updates to your apps without monthly fees.

A one-time purchase means there’s no wondering if you use an app enough to keep paying. You can take a break and come back without extra expense. You’re only paying for the exercises you need, not thousands you never touch. And therapists can easily recommend an app they know is affordable.

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3) Privacy Concerns

Tactus Therapy apps make it easy to collect and share data, but only with the people you choose to share with. Your data stays safe within the app or emailed to recipients of your choice, but it never goes to some central server somewhere. This makes our apps easy to keep compliant with HIPAA and other patient privacy laws.

We don’t collect your personal information, and we won’t send you emails you don’t want. Signing up for our informative monthly newsletter is an optional step that is completely separate from your app usage. Therapists can rest easy knowing their clients aren’t getting spammed just for doing their home exercises.

We just released our 19th app, Advanced Reading Therapy. It was announced first to newsletter subscribers at a special introductory price. Want to be the first to hear about our next release? 

4) Internet Required

All Tactus Therapy apps work perfectly without a Wi-Fi or data connection. That means you can use them anywhere – on a park bench, in the basement, or on the road. Therapists on-the-go know how important this is, which is why they love our apps.

You only need an Internet connection to download and update Tactus Therapy apps. Once installed, you have all the content at your fingertips. If you want to email your results, go ahead! You can save drafts or store your results in the outbox to reference or send once you’re back in a Wi-Fi zone.

For the sticklers, there is one exception, but it’s not a therapy app. Our fun, free game Soundable uses the Internet to connect you to your friends to make words with sounds. Perfect for SLP students!

5) iPad Only

So many speech therapy apps only work on one device – the iPad. We love the iPad, but not everyone has one. All of our therapy apps are universal, meaning they work on iPhones and iPads. All of our most popular apps are also available for Android phones and tablets on Google Play .

No one-size-fits-all solutions here, just evidence-based apps that professionals and families love to use!


Please tell your clients, colleagues, and friends about the incredible value you get, and the unnecessary things you won’t get, when you use a Tactus Therapy app.