We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest app: Advanced Naming Therapy. Taking over where the best-selling Naming Therapy app left off, this app will give you more to talk about in new ways. This will quickly become your most-used app for expressive language and cognitive-communication therapy. Try it for FREE with Advanced Language Therapy Lite.

Four Challenging Activities

Advanced Naming Therapy

“My client with aphasia used your 4-in-1 app until he got too good. I showed him this one and he loved it! It’s just the right level for him now. In general, for the stroke and brain injury clients I usually see, I think this is your most useful app yet!” – Private Practice SLP

1) Create

Build sentences based on a verb, following a 7-step sequence derived from the Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST) protocol. This activity requires you to find subjects and objects related to each verb, which activates a larger semantic network in the brain than traditional noun-based exercises. We’ve given you 250 verbs to use in the clinic or for home practice.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Create Rationale Screen

Type, speak, or choose your nouns. Read the sentences aloud and expand one of them by answering why/when/where questions. Finally, recall the verb and do it all again. It’s not easy, but published studies on VNeST show it really works, resulting in significant improvements in communication – with generalization beyond the words practiced.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Create sentences

“I love using the VNeST technique with my patients with aphasia, but I struggle to come up with good verbs and choices. I can’t believe how easy it is with this app! What’s even better is that now my patients can practice at home too. Thank you Tactus!” – Outpatient SLP

2) Generate

Come up with as many words as you can, as fast as you can. Race against a countdown clock or try to hit your target. Think of items in concrete or abstract categories, or search your mental dictionary for words that start with a given letter, cluster, or prefix. Want a challenge? Try rhymes or synonyms. Over 320 categories to choose from.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Generate Rationale Screen

We’ve also given you quick access to two standardized verbal fluency assessments: a semantic test of animals, and a phonemic test of F, A, and S words. The emailed reports have published norms for comparison, and you can email the recorded session to transcribe later.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Generate items in categories

“Everyone loves Generate – including me! I’ve used it to elicit clear speech while engaging in a cognitive challenge for a patient with Parkinson’s, and my aphasia group gets very competitive with it. Each activity is useful for so many goals.” – Rehab SLP

3) Compare

The time-honored task of “compare and contrast” is now easily available for you to practice anytime. Take two related ideas and talk about what they have in common and what makes them unique. Beautiful photos, 200+ carefully chosen pairs, and audio/text support make this activity incredibly useful.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Compare Rationale Screen

Working on adjectives? Try our variations category to tell the difference between two similar objects. Comparing the pictured objects and concrete concepts encourages category and function naming. Use the images to work on confrontation naming and attention to detail; use the words to visualize concepts and avoid focusing on specifics. Need something really difficult? Abstract categories will challenge even the highest-level client – or clinician!

Advanced Naming Therapy - Compare and Contrast

“Compare really got my clients thinking. They didn’t realize there was so much to each of these concepts, and I loved how much thought and language came out. We could then work on organizing and shaping the response. Well done!” – Brain Injury SLP

4) Describe

Over 500 interesting photographs begging to be talked about. You’ll be laughing about the funny foods, people, and animals while wondering aloud about the unusual objects and scenes. We’ve even given you idioms to puzzle through, famous places to name, and problems to identify. Fill in people’s words and thoughts with two dedicated categories for discourse.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Describe Rationale Screen

These pictures are filled with nouns, verbs, and adjectives just waiting to be spoken. It’s easy to make sentences or tell stories about these pictures. Or use these complex situational photos to elicit clear speech and specific vocabulary.

Advanced Naming Therapy - Describe Interesting Pictures

“The members at my stroke group were so engaged with the Describe pictures – even the ones who are normally quite passive spoke up. Now I don’t have to scour through magazines for unusual photos to spark interest and conversation – they’re all right here! I can’t wait for my volunteers and families to start using this app.” – Community SLP

Just the Right Level

It can be so hard to find activities challenging enough for people who are improving rapidly or have milder impairments. Advanced Naming Therapy provides you with activities and options to cover a wide range of abilities. In the Compare and Generate tasks, you can choose your level of difficulty; in Create and Describe, the tasks are made harder by requiring a higher level of detail and independence. You’re going to love the range this app will give you.

So Much Support

We’ve built more support into this app than ever before. Each activity explains what you’re doing and WHY. It’s important to know HOW something can help you so you’ll stay motivated and keep working.

You’ll find helpful overlays pointing out what to do on each screen. Every setting has an explanation to help you customize your experience. Detailed reports, exportable on-screen recording, scoring to reflect level of assistance, audio support for most text – these are a few of the added features you’ll appreciate about Advanced Naming Therapy.

The Tactus Therapy Difference

As with any Tactus Therapy app, you know you’ll be getting evidence-based therapy activities that are respectful for adults with acquired communication problems. You’ll get a flexible tool that you can use to truly interact and communicate with clients and family members in therapy and in the home.

Advanced Naming Therapy can be used for aphasia, cognitive-communication, or dysarthria. You can focus on speaking, writing, or using multi-modal communication. This app works perfectly without Wi-Fi, though we’ve added support for voice dictation when you are connected.

With Tactus Therapy you know you can count on top-rate customer support, complete protection of your privacy, and quality education to support you in your therapy.

Free Trial

Advanced Naming Therapy is available for your iOS or Android device. You can try it for FREE by downloading Advanced Language Therapy Lite to sample each activity. 


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