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Advanced Comprehension Therapy helps people with language disorders practice auditory and reading comprehension skills while working their attention and memory. Three engaging activities help you work on syntax, pronouns, passives, temporal concepts, and multi-step directions.

Taking over where our best-selling Comprehension Therapy app left off, Advanced Comprehension Therapy moves beyond single-word understanding to take you to the sentence level.

  • Identify sentences in pictures
  • Build sentences from words
  • Follow 1-, 2-, & 3-step directions
  • Available on Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store

Benefits for the Speech-Language Professional

  • Time-Saving Tool
  • • This app makes it easy to assess and treat comprehension problems.
    • Carefully-selected foils ensure your client is truly understanding.
    • Find problem-areas quickly, then target them directly with the level hierarchy.

  • Right for So Many Clients
  • • Aphasia? Check! Work on syntax, pronouns, and directions in auditory and written formats.
    • Cognitive-Communication? Yep. Attention to detail, speed of processing, and working memory.
    • Children with Language Problems? You betcha. Age-free design with simple vocabulary concepts.

  • Advanced Materials
  • • So many levels – this app can challenge your most mild clients while helping the moderate ones too.
    • Many people with aphasia don’t realize they have comprehension problems, until they try these exercises.

How to Use Advanced Comprehension Therapy for Home Practice

For people who find most apps and exercises too easy, this app is for you! Even if you’re no longer in therapy, you can work with Advanced Comprehension Therapy to challenge yourself to understand complex sentences and follow increasingly difficult directions. Your speech therapist can help you figure out which settings and exercises are best for you, but if you are on your own, try this:

  • Start with Identify and select all levels. You’ll see which ones are hardest, and that’s where you can start next time.
  • Use Build to put together longer sentences, paying close attention to the little words.
  • Try Follow to work up to long commands, stretching your memory.
  • Say each sentence aloud or make up a sentence for extra practice.
  • E-mail your reports and recordings to your therapist or a family member to share your progress.

What People are Saying about Advanced Comprehension Therapy

This app is great for people with milder forms of aphasia to help them fine-tune their skills. Advanced Comprehension offers options that aren’t in any other app out there, like abstract concepts and more complex sentence structure. One thing I love about Tactus apps is the settings. “Repeat Slowly” is a unique feature that is great for clients practicing on their own. It’s easy to customize to just the right level; then my clients can practice on their own and easily email me their results. This was just the app I was looking for!
Beth Dolar, CCC-SLP, Speech Spark
I’ve been using this app with several of my patients, and they really enjoy the tasks a great deal. I find Advanced Comprehension Therapy useful for addressing a variety of different goals in addition to auditory comprehension, such as reading comprehension, reading aloud, sound-letter correspondences, verbal expression of pronouns and short sentences, and problem solving. Many of my patients will benefit from using this app.
Fabi Hirsch, PhD, CCC-SLP, Aphasia Center of Tucson

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Need more Details?

Platforms: iPad/iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch and Android tablets/phones

Goal Areas: Auditory Comprehension, Cognitive-Communication, Reading Comprehension, Syntax, Following Directions, Understanding Sentences

Helps: Aphasia, Brain Injury, Stroke, Autism, Language Delay or Disorder

Contains: 730 Identify & Build Sentences, 1000’s of Follow directions

Language: English

Version: 1.01

Price: $24.99 USD

Bundled in: Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

All these activities provide time-tested stimulation of syntax and comprehension. These tasks can be used for assessment to determine where comprehension breaks down, as well as for therapy to bring the user’s attention to their problem and develop strategies for improving performance and skill.

The Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE) and the Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia (PALPA) contain items similar to the exercises in the Identify activity. Complex syntactic structures and pronouns are more difficult for people with aphasia.

The Northwestern Anagram Test (NAT) and the Verb and Sentence Test (VAST) both examine comprehension of sentences using activities similar to the Build activity in this app. It uses a method free from verbal expression to assemble grammatically-correct sentences.

Weintraub, S., Mesulam, M. M., Wieneke, C., Rademaker, A., Rogalski, E. J., & Thompson, C. K. (2009). The northwestern anagram test: measuring sentence production in primary progressive aphasia. American journal of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The Token Test (De Renzi & Vignolo 1962) has activities similar to the Follow activity in this app. Following complex directions is a skill particularly challenging for people with aphasia as every content word must be understood.

Dec 1, 2016            Version 1.01

  • Now a universal app for iPhone and iPad with a free Lite version!
  • Added Color Blind, Presentation Order, and Speech with Emphasis settings
  • Added help overlays and emphasis to text after errors
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Nov 7, 2016            Advanced Comprehension Therapy Initial Release

Advanced Comprehension Therapy

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Advanced Comprehension Therapy is available for your iOS and Android devices.

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