Advanced Comprehension Therapy

Advanced Comprehension

Challenge your understanding with listening and reading exercises for sentences – perfect for mild or moderate aphasia.

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Advanced Comprehension Therapy

This was just the app I was looking for!

This app is great for people with milder forms of aphasia to help them fine-tune their skills. It offers options that aren’t in any other app out there, like abstract concepts and more complex sentence structure. One thing I love about Tactus apps is the settings. “Repeat Slowly” is a unique feature that is great for clients practicing on their own. It’s easy to customize to just the right level; then my clients can practice on their own and easily email me their results.

Beth Dolar, SLP
Speech Spark

Many patients will benefit from using this app!

I’ve been using this app with several of my patients, and they really enjoy the tasks a great deal. I find Advanced Comprehension Therapy useful for addressing a variety of different goals in addition to auditory comprehension, such as reading comprehension, reading aloud, sound-letter correspondences, verbal expression of pronouns and short sentences, and problem solving.

Dr. Fabi Hirsch, SLP
Aphasia Center of Tucson

What You’ll Get in
Advanced Comprehension Therapy

Three activities provide thousands of auditory & reading comprehension exercises

1) Identify: Find the picture that matches the sentence you hear or read, with hints, option to repeat slowly, and a wide variety of sentence types with challenging photo foils

2) Build: Put the words in the right order to match the sentence you hear & see, with support, and a “check” option that allows for self-monitoring before submitting an answer

3) Follow: listen or read carefully to follow 16 levels of directions

Adjust difficulty by working on one level at a time until you master it, focusing attention on the words, as there is no context to fall back on

Customize each activity with flexible settings to meet each user’s needs

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Advanced Language Therapy

Advanced Language Therapy Lite

Download Advanced Language Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device for a sample of Advanced Comprehension Therapy. The Lite version allows you to try all 3 activities (along with 3 other apps) for a sample of the thousands of exercises you’ll get in the full version.

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Power User Tips

Get the most out of Advanced Comprehension Therapy. Browse these tips from the speech-language pathologist who developed this app!

Target Listening or Reading

Change the mode of Identify and Follow to either Listen, Read, or Both to target auditory comprehension, reading comprehension, or total understanding.

Quick Assessment

Select all levels in an activity with Random presentation order & 50 trials to get a rough idea of which levels are too easy (>90% accuracy), too hard (<50%), and just right (50-90%).

Where to Start

Select only the levels in the range of 50-100% accuracy based on the assessment. If more than 2 levels are at 100%, only include the highest ones, omitting the really easy levels.

Make it Easier

In Identify, you can change the Field Size to stay constant at 2 or 3 choices. In Build, you can set the Extra Words to none. In all activities, select only easier levels (lower numbers).

Make it Harder

Speed up the Speech Rate to work on understanding faster speech. Focus on harder levels, add extra words or choices, and work using the mode that is most challenging.

Gain Independence

Use the Hint button when you’re stuck to see a text cue (Mode=Listen), hear an audio cue (Mode=Read), or have the incorrect answers faded (Mode=Both).

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Advanced Comprehension Therapy

Advanced Comprehension Therapy

Challenge your understanding with listening and reading exercises for sentences – perfect for mild or moderate aphasia.


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Advanced Language Therapy

Take aphasia therapy to the sentence level & beyond with 4 apps that strengthen listening, talking, reading, & writing.


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