You know how many people have trouble talking after a stroke? That’s a condition called aphasia.

We make speech therapy apps that give stroke survivors the intensive practice they need to get better.

These are the same professional tools that medical speech-language pathologists are using to provide effective rehabilitation in hospitals and clinics around the world.

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Trusted Tools for Speech Therapy for Adults

Helps my husband tremendously!

While I’ve downloaded quite a number of apps to assist with my husband’s stroke recovery, the Tactus Therapy apps are the only ones he wants to use. They’re simple enough for him to use on his own. He loves to watch his score go up and is so proud of his progress. All of his doctors are amazed at his progress and say his level of recovery with his speech is nothing short of miraculous.

Debra W.
Wife of a Stroke Survivor

Tactus apps are so well-designed & user-friendly…they are my go-to apps!

The effort you put into developing strong apps based on best practices and into updating them is everything to a busy clinician/educator. That’s just one of the things that sets Tactus Therapy apart. It takes a skilled clinician to craft an app that is based on evidence that consistently works and functions in a way that is both clinician– and patient-friendly. Yours are consistently the best—they work flawlessly, every time.

Gwen Nolan, SLP
University of Missouri Health

Tactus takes the guesswork out of providing evidence-based treatment

I can’t tell you how much I love the Tactus Therapy apps! I love the way I can show progress by increasing visual field & advancing through levels. I also love focusing on the same concepts in all expressive & receptive modalities at the same time. I treated a severely aphasic gentleman using the intensive multiple modality training these apps offer. He was speaking in sentences within 2 months. Never seen anything like that! Genius!

Rosemary Pendley, SLP
via e-mail

These apps are wonderful!

I find myself using them daily in therapy with adults as well as children who have a wide variety of language learning challenges. They are a great extension to traditional speech therapy techniques & make it much easier for families to practice at home with guidance about the best way to configure the apps. These apps are well worth it! Thanks also for all your research-based articles.  I really appreciate all the great work you do!!! 

Joan Green, SLP
Innovative Speech Therapy

Tactus is the leading brand for apps for adults

The Tactus Therapy apps have transformed our speech therapy sessions, making them more engaging for the client and more fun for us! Plus, we don’t have to manually log scores, allowing us to concentrate fully on the task at hand. It is clear the apps were created by a SLP for SLPs – they just work! I believe Tactus apps have changed the way we do speech therapy for the better.

Helen Fraser, SLT
Your Way Therapy

I’m thrilled to recommend your apps, they make my day easier!

I can’t tell you how much I love your apps. I’m slowly acquiring them all like a hoarder, and I introduce my patients and colleagues to them regularly. I love that I can grab my iPad, pen, & notebook and go fill in for a colleague in a completely different setting and feel prepared for whoever I may see. I do a lot of home care, so not having to carry a ton of materials saves me! Thanks for making evidence-based apps.

Nikki D, SLP
via email

Used in Top Institutions Around the World

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Independent research shows that using Tactus Therapy apps for just 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks can cause significant improvements in stroke survivors with chronic aphasia. Now that’s powerful!

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Clinician-designed & evidence-based – feel confident you’re using the best tools with Tactus Therapy.

Tactus Therapy isn’t just one app – It’s a collection of 20 apps that are each uniquely designed to work on a specific skill at various levels:

  • Oral Language (verbalizing & listening)
  • Written Language (reading & writing)
  • Speech (making clear sounds when talking)
  • Cognition (thinking skills like memory)
  • Swallowing (eating & drinking safely)

Get only the apps you need, or buy them all to create a complete speech therapy toolkit!

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