Advanced Naming Therapy

Advanced Naming

Express yourself better with challenging word-finding exercises for aphasia and cognitive-communication problems.

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Take Your Aphasia Therapy to
The Next Level!

For people who find most apps and exercises too easy, this app is for you! Advanced Naming Therapy will challenge you to find the right words, find them faster, and organize your language better. 

Taking over where our best-selling Naming Therapy app leaves off, Advanced Naming Therapy moves beyond confrontation naming strategies to give you more to talk about in new ways. Four engaging and evidence-based activities guide you to work on:

Thinking of the Right Word

Talking in Sentences

Organizing Your Ideas

Speaking Clearly

Improving Your Efficiency

It can be so difficult to find therapy activities challenging enough for more mild language problems, but with the 1,250+ exercises in this app, you won’t get bored. There’s always a way to make it harder so you can continue to improve. This will quickly become your most-used app for expressive language and cognitive-communication therapy.

See Advanced Naming Therapy In Action

Practice at Home or Use at Work

Work with a partner to improve your speech, language, and thinking skills!

  • Guided exercises help you get more therapy at home between sessions
  • Write or record your answers if you’re working alone, then send them off
  • Adjust the difficulty as you improve

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Challenge your clients with evidence-based treatments that work!

  • Easily use the research-based VNeST technique and verbal fluency tasks
  • Thousands of stimuli to make your clients think, talk, and laugh out loud!

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Here’s What People are Saying about
Advanced Naming Therapy

My patient can now have a real conversation with her daughter!

I would just like to thank you for the fantastic work you have done with Tactus Therapy apps! I use them daily in my clinical practice. Recently I began working with a young stroke survivor with Broca’s aphasia who said an average of 1 word per utterance. After using the Create activity in the Advanced Naming app for 4 weeks, she now has 4 words per utterance! I am thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful treatment option for my patients. Thanks again!

Angela Phipps, SLP
Adjunct Professor at East Tennessee State University

I used it with 6 patients in one day!

Advanced Naming is my favorite Tactus app. I love that it can be used for low- and high-level patients. I used the problem pictures in the Describe activity and concrete concepts in the Generate section for lower level patients. I used the Starts with prefix/cluster in Generate for a high-level patient. I used the conversation pictures in Describe for two patients with word finding difficulty. This is a great app!

Leigh Ann Gordon, SLP 
via Facebook

Good tool and supplement to speech therapy

This tool is more advanced & creative than many other apps out there. It has the set up for VNeST & more complex pictures. It’s a convenient option for stimuli to use when working on word finding. Definitely worth the investment because you can use it for a variety of disorders and clients, including older kids! I haven’t had any tech issues and the developer has been very responsive to a couple of questions I had. Very user-friendly as well!

5-star App Store Review

Fabulous for groups!

No more scouring magazines for unusual photos to spark interesting conversations. Even the more passive members of the stroke group gave their attention to the photos, describing them and adding to the conversation about what was silly or strange. “Create” walks clients through the VNeST approach using color-coded question prompts & written word choices, allowing the client to practice independently once they are familiar with the task. So nice!

Susan Edwards, SLP
Flow Speech Voice & Communication

What You’ll Get in
Advanced Naming Therapy

Four activities provide thousands of exercises for language & cognitive therapy.

1) Create sentences around 250 common verbs following a 7-step sequence derived from the Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST) protocol. Come up with 3 subjects and objects using each verb, then expand on them to create a longer sentence, all while reading aloud. Studies show this type of exercise really works to improve communication!

2) Generate words in over 320 categories against the clock in verbal fluency tasks. Name a set number of items in each category or condition, or as many as you can in a set time period. Think of items in concrete or abstract categories, or search your mental dictionary for words that start with given letters or a prefix. Want a challenge? Try rhymes or synonyms.

3) Compare and contrast. Talk about the similarities and differences between two pictures or words. Use this activity to work on word finding, semantic features, thought organization, or writing. The image categories of Objects and Variations exercise descriptive language, while the two text-based categories push the user to define concepts and use more abstract language. 

4) Describe these interesting pictures or use for other treatments like response elaboration training. Select specific categories to target various goals: Conversations Thoughts for perspective-taking; Problems for safety awareness; Idioms for non-literal language use; Famous Places for interesting group discussions about travel; the Funny… and Unusual… categories use humor & the unexpected to encourage language use.

Adjust settings to customize the activity for each user. Select only the levels or categories you need.

Automated reporting breaks each trial with the information the therapist needs to track progress.

Standardized tests for two verbal fluency assessments: a semantic test of animals, and a phonemic test of F, A, and S words. The emailed reports have published norms for comparison, and you can email the recorded session to transcribe later.

All the Tactus Therapy apps are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the evidence behind this app.

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Advanced Language Therapy

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Advanced Naming Therapy

Advanced Naming Therapy

Express yourself better with challenging word-finding exercises for aphasia and cognitive-communication problems.


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Advanced Language Therapy

Advanced Language Therapy

Take aphasia therapy to the sentence level & beyond with 4 apps that strengthen listening, talking, reading, & writing.


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