Language Therapy

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Improve each modality of language in this 4-in-1 value toolkit for aphasia.

  • For people who need to work on several skills or with many people
  • Evidence-based apps for the clinic or home proven to improve aphasia
  • Languages:

Speech FlipBook Standard

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Improve speech & phonological awareness with 1000s of single-syllable words.

  • For people with unclear articulation, apraxia, or difficulty producing sounds
  • Instantly customize a word list for professional or home use

Visual Attention Therapy

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Improve visual scanning from left to right, top to bottom for better reading.

  • For people with hemi-neglect, poor attention, or speed of processing
  • Two-part app tests and trains for clinical and home use

Writing Therapy

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Improve spelling skills in 4 activities that encourage self-monitoring.

  • For people who have difficulty spelling
  • Customizable levels for independent practice
  • Languages:

Reading Therapy

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Improve reading comprehension at the phrase and sentence levels.

  • For people who have difficulty understanding what they read
  • Outstanding app for independent practice of mid-level literacy
  • Languages:

Tactus Collection Part 2 – Clinical Tools

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Get our clinical tool apps at a discount when you purchase them in this App Store bundle.

  • For speech-language pathologists
  • A range of clinical tools for speech-language pathologists