Language Therapy

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Language therapyImprove each modality of language in this 4-in-1 value toolkit for aphasia.

  • For people who need to work on several skills or with many people
  • Evidence-based apps for the clinic or home proven to improve aphasia
  • Languages:

Conversation Therapy

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Improve language, pragmatics, speech & thinking with stimulating conversation.

  • For people who have difficulty expressing ideas clearly
  • Versatile app can be used to target nearly any goal in guided practice
  • Languages:

Advanced Comprehension Therapy

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Take your understanding to the next level.

  • For adults with aphasia or children with language disorders
  • 3 fun activities for sentence-level understanding

Advanced Naming Therapy

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Take your word-finding therapy to the next level.

  • For people with aphasia or cognitive-communication problems
  • 4 unique activities for higher-level expressive language

Apraxia Therapy

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Practice speaking with VAST video modeling in this multi-modal speech therapy app.

  • For people with apraxia, aphasia, or autism
  • Video support helps to overcome motor planning problems for fluent speech

Dysphagia Therapy

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Navigate swallowing treatment options and information.

  • For medical clinicians working with swallowing disorders
  • Therapy finder with handouts for home practice

Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia

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Get our therapy apps for aphasia at a discount when you purchase them in this App Store bundle.

  • For speech-language pathologists and stroke survivors and families with aphasia or autism
  • All our best apps for aphasia