Speech FlipBook is an essential app for any speech-language pathologist. This affordable, flexible app helps you generate word lists to treat articulation, apraxia, and dysarthria with ease. It also is a handy tool for phonological awareness. The ageless design makes it appropriate for all users, from age 4 to 104.

We’ve updated Speech FlipBook and thought you should know about the exciting new improvements so you can take a fresh look at this classic app, or try it for the first time.

Speech FlipBook - update and user guide

Speech FlipBook Updates You’ll Love

We’ve given the app a facelift, making it more user-friendly. The Settings screen is easier to navigate, buttons look more press-able, and help overlays tell you what to do on each screen. Anywhere you can press to hear a sound is now marked with a speaker button so you don’t miss out on this helpful functionality.

Speech FlipBook - update and user guide


You told us what you wanted, and we listened. We’ve added new settings for Spelling and Word Shapes. Spelling lets you see the most common spelling for each sound on the FlipBook pages. Word Shapes replaces the old Blank Pages setting for an easier way of selecting the words you want. Simply turn on or off any of the Word Shapes: V, CV, VC, or CVC. You can continue to select the sounds, clusters, and vowels you want on each tab, but now it’s easier to use the column, row, and tab selectors.

Speech FlipBook - update and user guide

Speech FlipBook User Guide

We’ve made the app as easy to use as possible. However, the power of this app isn’t in how it works, but in what you can do with it. It is so flexible, it can be used for many speech therapy and language learning goals.

Download this free PDF user guide to get the most out Speech FlipBook. It will show you how to use the app for word lists, minimal pairs, articulation, apraxia, dysarthria, phonological awareness, and other uses. Here’s a quick summary of the in-depth information you’ll get in the user guide:


Therapists often need lists of words for various purposes. You can use Speech FlipBook to create lists of single syllable words to your exact specifications from our list of over 2300 common words. Want a list of CV words that start with bilabials? Simple. Need a list of CVC words that follow the pattern alveolar-vowel-alveolar? You got it! Want to know all words that end in 3-sound clusters? No problem with Speech FlipBook.

Speech FlipBook - update and user guide


Minimal Pairs are words that differ in just one phoneme & have different meanings. These are useful in articulation therapy as well as to treat phonological disorders, since mispronouncing one sound will create an entirely different word (e.g. sit/fit). You can create minimal pairs with minimal or maximal contrast in the phoneme that differs. This means the sounds can contrast in only one feature: place, manner, or voicing (pit/bit – bilabial stops that vary in voicing), or they can differ in all 3 (wit/kit).


Articulation is the formation of clear sounds. The vocal tract, including the larynx (voice box), velum (soft palate), hard palate, tongue, teeth, and lips, form a unique shape to create each sound as the air moves through. When a person cannot make a sound clearly, they often benefit from therapy to teach them how to shape their mouths properly to create the sound.

They may need to practice making the sound alone or in the first, middle, or last part of a word. There may be one or many sounds that need to be practiced. You may see progress faster by focusing on just one sound or cluster at a time, repeating the production hundreds of times per session. Speech FlipBook makes it easy to do just that.

Speech FlipBook - update and user guide


Acquired apraxia of speech (AOS) is a motor speech disorder, usually caused by damage to the brain due to stroke, head injury, or tumors. In adults, it is often accompanied by aphasia, a language disorder. Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a developmental speech disorder in children.

Regardless of type, apraxia causes difficulty in motor planning of speech sounds. Therapy for apraxia often starts with single sounds and single-syllable words, such as those included in Speech FlipBook.


Phonological awareness, or the explicit understanding that words in the speech stream consist of smaller units called phonemes and the ability to mentally manipulate those units, plays a causal role in reading acquisition.

At the phoneme level, children learn to identify all phonemes in a word (cat is made up of k – a – t), blend phonemes (k – a – t makes cat), manipulate phonemes (say cow, now change the /k/ to /h/ = how), and associate phoneme and grapheme (“B says /buh/”). These skills are usually acquired between kindergarten and second grade, but children without these skills are often behind in reading for years. You can use Speech FlipBook to practice these skills, especially at the more advanced phoneme level.

Adults with aphasia can also benefit from relearning these skills as part of phonological components analysis treatment.

Instructions for segmenting, deleting, isolating, reversing, manipulating, blending, and associating sounds are included in our 8-page PDF Speech FlipBook user guide.


Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder, usually caused by damage to the brain or nervous system often due to stroke, head injury, tumors, neurological disease (ALS, MS, Parkinson’s), cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy. Depending on the cause, speech may sound slurred, too soft or too loud, too slow or too fast, flat or overly prosodic, nasal, hoarse, breathy, or may be completely absent (anarthria). Therapy for dysarthria frequently requires single-syllable words, such as those included in Speech FlipBook, to practice clearer speech.


Apraxia, articulation, dysarthria, phonological disorders, and phonemic awareness are all reasons to use Speech FlipBook. However, there are even more uses for therapists, teachers, and families! Use the app to practice transcriptions, for aphasia therapy, to work on homophones or rhyming, accent reduction, auditory training, and lisp reduction.

Sounds good? Download this free PDF user guide to read more about each of these uses and get started with your new favorite app today.

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