Seven months ago we combined four of our language apps into one powerful therapy toolkit. We called it Language TherAppy, and since that time it spends most days in the top 10 of the Top Grossing Apps on the iPad Medical store on iTunes. People appreciate the 30% savings over buying Comprehension, Naming, Reading, and Writing separately as well as the consistency of vocabulary, navigation, and features of these apps covering the primary domains of language for adults with aphasia as well as children with special needs.

Language TherAppy 1.01 is even better than the original!

Today a major update was released to enhance all aspects of Language TherAppy:

  • Add your own words/pictures to all 4 apps now with full customization!
  • Turn any target on/off
  • Beautiful Retina graphics & iPhone 5 optimization
  • Bug fixes and greater stability
  • New settings & features added to each app in recent updates:
      • Comprehension TherAppy
        • Forward and back buttons to review and skip
        • Hints available in all modes
      • Naming TherAppy
        • Limit words by syllable length
        • Phonological prompts for Describe
        • Show the printed word in Flashcards
      • Writing TherAppy
        • New sound when letter tiles are touched
        • Minor usability updates
      • Reading TherAppy
        • Set field size to 2, 3, or 4
        • Adjust advance time
        • Wrong answers left in place for review

We even updated Language TherAppy Lite so you can see how the customization and other options work on a limited set of words and features. Each component app has already been updated, so if you own the separate apps, check your Updates tab in the App Store to download the latest versions.

Please tell us what you think of the new changes! How does it look on your iPad 3 or 4 or  iPhone 5? Do you like the new hints in Comprehension? Have you made use of the syllable limits or phonological cues in Naming TherAppy? What kinds of sentences are you adding to Reading TherAppy? What would you like to see in Version 1.02? Please leave a comment here, send us an email, or leave a review on iTunes! Thank you for your ongoing support. We’re working on a very exciting new app for you for February, so get ready!