Language Therapy 4-in-1, the best-selling iOS app for aphasia therapy, is now updated to version 2.0 to include 5 languages. This major update will allow millions more stroke survivors and speech-language pathologists around the world to access unlimited therapy in their native language, with the convenience and affordability of an app. Research is also showing amazing improvements in people who use it!

Spanish, French, German, UK English

Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, & Hola

In addition to the original North American English App Available in US English (USA, Canada), all parts of the app have now been translated and localized into:

  • UK English App Available in UK English (Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)
  • French App Available in French (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium)
  • German App Available in German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium)
  • Spanish App Available in Spanish (Spain, Mexico, USA, South America)

Using a skilled team of speech-language pathologists and professional translators from around the world, Tactus Therapy has enabled you to access high-quality exercises in each language with this FREE update to the existing app.

Therapy That Works

Language Therapy is not only a popular and user-friendly app, it is also highly effective. Research from the University of Cambridge has just been presented at the 2015 European Stroke Conference in Vienna, reporting very exciting results.

People with chronic aphasia (greater than 1 year after stroke) who used the Language Therapy app on their own for just 20 minutes a day over 4 weeks have made and maintained significant improvements on standardized language tests. More details of the CATCH (Computerised Aphasia Therapy in Chronic Aphasia) study by Stark and Warburton are now published.

New Features Add Value

New features have also been added to Language Therapy in this update:

  • In Naming Therapy, over 100 verbs have been added to the Describe activity. Using evidence-based questions for semantic feature analysis of actions, users can now more deeply explore the nature of verbs while strengthening their semantic and phonological networks in the brain.
  • In Writing Therapy, letter name sounds have been added as an option. Now, users can practice associating letters with their names and hear the words spelled out.
  • Auto-advance, or the way the app moves the user to the next exercise after successfully completing a task, can now be turned off in all parts of the app. This allows the user to discuss, analyze, or expand upon answers without having to back up to see the exercise again.

Did you know that you can add your own pictures to each app?! This feature allows you to customize and personalize the therapy to make it more meaningful for the user. Add the pictures and names of family members, local places, and important items for more motivating and relevant practice.

All Therapy Apps Updated

Stand-alone versions of the four complete apps contained in Language Therapy have also been updated to include the new languages and features. These apps are:

Download Language Therapy Lite to get a free trial of each of these apps and sample how the languages and features work.

How to Get Language Therapy 2.0

Language Therapy 4-in-1 is available for purchase on the App Store, and is part of the Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia app bundle. All component apps are available individually.

For current users, all of these features and languages will automatically be loaded into the app when it is updated. Go to the App Store and touch Updates to manually update the app or see if it has been done automatically.



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